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      Wednesday, March 29, 2017

09:42 AM - 03/29/2017

The topic: Well. the paperwork I was working on


Is done. Instead of being done at the end of Sunday, it was done mid-afternoon yesterday.

Because DaNiece.

Sunday, I set up a bazillion new accounts (most of our customers are one timers and once they pay, I set up the account). Since what Brian makes is customized per order, we get paid in full up front. If something happens between the day of the order and the day of production, which can be three months or more after the order, we'll refund the money and cancel the order at the customer request (the last one, the father-in-law totaled the tractor, he was okay, thank God, but the tractor was done).

I should be better at this. I should. But it's not that much of a priority, I guess.

Monday, I sent out the invoices. I do the invoicing once the product ships. I really should do this AT the time I do the shipping labels, but most of the time, I don't. I let it build up for a couple of invoices. Which turns into a week's worth. Then a month's worth. Then it reached "holy crap, I can't shove anymore stuff in that spot, I guess I should do the invoicing!" level. That was Monday. Monday night, around nine, I was filing invoices.

Then there were two months of bank account reconciliations. I can't reconcile until I've made the deposits into my software. Which I can't do with having customer accounts set up. Which brings us back to step number one. Receiving the payments. Letting quickbooks know the money is in the bank. And then there's the thing that I don't get a lot of purchase paperwork to input. Brian gets most of his supplies online and I never see the packing slips. He files them or stacks them up on his desk. So, when I reconcile, I have to input into my software via what's been paid out. I get this information from the bank statement. If it's not a familiar company to me, I ask him about it, and so far, there've been no problems.

I got those done yesterday, mid-afternoon. I started around eight in the morning. One of the reasons it can take so long is that we have three sources of payments. Checks. Which are rare. Credit cards. (My favorite.) And Paypal. I hate those. Customer pays X amount. Paypal takes Y amount in fees. X-Y = the amount that is deposited into our bank from Paypal. So, every Paypal transaction has mulitple steps for entry. One with the full amount for deposit, then an entry into the check register for the subtraction of the fees for that payment.

So, when I'm clearing payments during a reconciliation, if I show $3,500 as money deposited on one day it's easy if it was one payment. But if it was a mixture, like $1,875 from credit card payments and the rest from smaller Paypal amounts ($300 - $500) I have to check the fee entries as well as the deposits. It's not my favorite thing in the world to do. At the end of the second reconciliation, I was twenty cents off. I figured "screw it" and just let the software make a twenty cent adjustment. (The first reconciliation had me off by $531, but that was a check I hadn't marked as deposited, which was a pretty simple fix. I let the software know it had been deposited. Voila!)

Anyway, that was done by mid-afternoon. I kicked back for a little while, then figured I'd start dinner. Had a hankering for lasagne. The non-refrigerated ingredients were on the counter. Except the noodles. I started to get things put together and got the boxes of noodles down. They were open. Only about a quarter box left in each one.

No lasagne. Need noodles.

So, today, I'm going to craft. Tomorrow, I will craft. Same for Saturday and Sunday.

Monday I will start the 2016 taxes.


I hate paperwork.


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