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      Friday, December 02, 2011

10:09 AM - 12/02/2011

The topic: Argh

When I haven’t been doing well, I have a tendency to not be very active.  Because, well, I don’t feel good.

Before the Disney trip, I was a very busy girl, making teeshirts and buttons and pinwheels and cleaning house. Then we went to Disneyland for the meet, I over imbibed the first not, underslept and was generally worn out the entire trip (I really have to learn to pace myself). We get home, that entire week, even though I tried to get stuff done, I just didn’t feel good.

Then I end up in the hospital (which was going to happen eventually, my stones, which didn’t appear overnight, were so bad, they weren’t going away by themselves), I’m out of it for a week, come home, still not up to snuff.  Then a cold hits me, then I get the stupid reflux problem.

So, I take pills for the reflux for a few days, happy dance, they work, I’m feeling great.

And yesterday, I cleaned the extra room, I did laundry, I put laundry away that had been sitting in the basket (things that didn’t matter if they were wrinkled) in the extra room, I installed upgraded security software on two computers. I ran the dishwasher, I washed pots and pans, I made dinner (which involved a lot of standing up, we had cornflake chicken and I cut the chicken up into pieces, I don’t use whole breasts and I made potato wedges). While that was cooking, I put the clean dishes away, washed my prep bowls and started reloading the dishwasher. After dinner, I washed the pans from dinner and loaded up the dishwasher.

My back was killing me. I was tired. I took a shower around 8:30 and when I got out, Brian was asleep on the loveseat, I looked for something to watch, caught another Big Bang repeat and I fell asleep on the sofa. We got up at ten and went to bed.

I couldn’t sleep. Not that I had anything running around in my mind, I just couldn’t sleep. So, I took a sleep aid (the kind with the stuff that’s in allergy meds that makes you sleepy) and this morning, I’m in a fog.  After breakfast I curled up in a corner of the sofa with my Kindle, lay my head on the pillow and the next thing I knew, it was 9:30 and Brian was getting ready to leave for work.

That’s what happens when I feel good after not feeling good for so long. I over do it.  Then I don’t feel good all over again.  Well, at least it won’t take weeks to get over this. *lol*:jesterA:

      Sunday, December 04, 2011

11:52 AM - 12/04/2011

The topic: Procrastination? What’s that?

You know how I wanted to redo all the cords in the office?  Still haven’t done it.

See, I’m working on it all the time. In my mind. *lol*

Well, last week I lost Little Bit (she wasn’t actually “lost”, more like “invisible”).

Then, during the week, it was too hot.

Today, it’s too cold (so cold my nose is dripping, okay, okay, it’s not all that cold when compared to cold in Alaska or New England, but for Southern California, it’s cold!  It’s noon and not even 60° outside).  Besides, I was thrown off my stride because I had to make two trips to WalMart.

Part of the working on it in my mind thing.

A few years back, we bought a battery back up.  By the time I got around to setting it up, it was way too late to return it when it didn’t power up out of the box.  A few months ago, we bought another one.  I vowed to get this one up before the return time had passed.  And, as part of redoing the cables and cords, I checked it out. It powers up.  I’m not planning on running all the computers on it, just Brian’s computer and his monitor.  Oh, and the modem and the two routers.  (See, the more I think about this stuff, the more it comes together.)  I handed Brian the back up unit earlier this week. He plugged it in on his side of the desk. Now I have to find the power cords for his computer and monitor and plug them into it.

The modem and two routers are on my side of the desk. To get power to them via the back up, I need an extension cord.  Since I want to run them under the desk, not on top (way too many cords and cables along the wall behind the equipment, it would be so much nicer to have it all run under, it’s doable, but time consuming), I need at least twenty feet of extension.  I needed to get to WalMart, since Brian didn’t have anything long enough back in his shop.

WalMart only had fifteen footers, so I bought two of them for $2.47 each. I also bought a tiny bottle of Dawn dishwashing detergent for the clubhouse (the trailer up in Ranchita). I bought some more wrapping paper, I bought ribbon and bows.  I bought a couple of Christmas cards. I bought more Mrs. Dash (less than three bucks at WalMart, over four bucks at the grocery store) and some frozen vegetables (not impressed with the selection, but we needed something, stupid CostCo usually only has mixed veggies, stir fry veggies, corn or cut green beans; note to self - next time they’ve got broccoli and peas, pick up about a million bags of each).

My total came to $48.75 (I gave a shout of glee when the total came up; earlier this year we had a presentation for solar here in our house - no way could we qualify for it, but we did get a fifty dollar gift card, an American Express gift card. I found out earlier this week that the Disney Gift Card program declined my purchase, which I was planning on using to renew our annual passes next week), and the card was accepted at WalMart. I had my fingers crossed that it would work and it did.

Anyway, I get home, open up the house a little and start putting the stuff away.  I’m missing something.  I search all the bags, go back out to the car and see if I’ve left one in the car.  Nope. No extension cords. I call the store, they check, the cords are still at the checkout counter in the bag. They’ll hold them for me.  I go back, pick them up, come home and it’s almost eleven o’clock.

I’ve lost my will to work today. Oh, well, there’s always tomorrow….

12:22 PM - 12/04/2011

The topic: Did I mention I can’t sing since the surgery?

Something happened to my vocal chords when they put the tubes down my throat. I'm hoping they get better.

It's very frustrating to listen to a song in the car and start to sing and my voice just isn't there. The high notes sound rancid. On the way back from WalMart, I started to cry because I miss singing at the top of my lungs.

Both of my parents came from families with good pipes. I was blessed with good pipes.

This sucks.

      Monday, December 05, 2011

11:37 AM - 12/05/2011
We found a dime on our walk this morning
I'm watching Dexter

The topic: We started walking again this morning

Went about a half of a mile.

I've missed it. It was nice to get out and move. We haven't been since before the Disney trip in October.


      Sunday, December 18, 2011

06:38 AM - 12/18/2011

The topic: Thursday, I wrapped coins

I started wrapping around noon, was done eleven hours later.  I wrapped quarters, dimes and nickels.  I let Brian do the pennies when he was done with his other work.

We ended up with $788.50, which was going into the cat fund.  We took it to the bank yesterday, one of those in store banks, the grocery store. Brian used a cart to carry the container into the store and the bank manager, just a kid,  behind the counter said “oh, my gawd” when Brian placed the container on the counter. The container is the size of a shoe box, but it was very heavy.

Anyway, Brian had fallen asleep, and I cleaned up the work area (just some folding tables, plastic boxes and coin wrappers).  All the cats had been inside for hours, it was chilly outside.  I put the unwrapped pennies and coin wrappers in the extra room and left the box of wrapped coins on the coffee table because I couldn’t lift it.  On my way back from the extra room, I looked outside.

The motion sensor light in the backyard was on.  ??? It wasn’t windy, all the cats were in. I walked outside and I heard the chimes at the side of the house. I walked over to check it out and there was an intruder cat in the yard. I went back inside, got the flashlight, woke Brian up and said “we’ve got company and he needs help leaving”.

It took a while. We had both gates open and for some reason Brian opened the laundry room door and Spot came running out, Brian’s shouting “shut the gates! Shut the gates”.  Meanwhile, the intruder kitty found his way through the cat door into the house!  We finally got Spot back in and I checked on the intruder kitty and he freaked, ran to the cat door and broke it some more getting out (the raccoon a few weeks ago started the breakage).  We went back outside and opened the gates again.  Intruder kitty was down by the pool, then hightailed it back up the side of the house where the cat door is, right next to the open gate.  Brian said “he’s gone, I don’t see him”.  I wasn’t sure, so started walking by the pool again and the cat was still in the yard, he ran back up by Brian and back through the cat door.  *sigh*

We closed both gates and went inside. I found the intruder kitty huddled behind one of the storage units and talked gently to him. He didn’t hiss or growl, but he was breathing really hard. He was really scared.  I touched his tail with my hand, he didn’t do anything.  I got a brush and started brushing him.  Mind you, he was behind this container, I couldn’t move it, he couldn’t get any farther in. He didn’t do anything when I started brushing him, so I put down the brush and started petting him.  When it became apparent I was safe from being attacked, I scruffed him and pulled him out. Cradling him in my arms, I yelled for Brian to come get the door, then the gate. Brian ran into the garage, opened the door, then the gate and I’m holding this cat telling Brian “shut the door! shut the door!”.

I walked through the gate and set the intruder kitty on the driveway and he ran off.

He’s obviously someone’s pet. He was well groomed and well fed.  He wasn’t frightened of me once in my arms. And he wasn’t neutered, a major tom cat.

I told Brian Friday, if he makes it back into our yard somehow, he wants to be here.  And we’ll get him fixed and he’ll have a new home.

Brian’s okay with that.

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