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      Monday, January 02, 2012

09:07 AM - 01/02/2012

The topic: We started walking again today

The month of November was useless because I was recovering from the surgery.  December, we tried, but we had lots of rainy mornings and we just didn’t want to.

But, this morning, we walked. We did the full walk. Yay!

But it was a sad walk. Up the street was a pile of entrails. Small animal, probably rabbit or cat, but there was no fur or bones, just those entrails.  Damned coyotes. (I hope it wasn’t the cat who got into our garage last month…must not dwell on it.)  Then on the main street, there was a cat who had been run over by at least one vehicle. Why the hell people who live so close to that road (two lanes each way with a turn lane in the middle, speed limit 45) let their cats out is beyond me.

On the way up the last hill, I saw another pile. I said “please don’t do this to me, I just can’t stand to see another one” but it was just someone’s shirt.

Other than that, the walk was good. Great way to start the new year.

09:11 AM - 01/02/2012

The topic: I haven’t mentioned Skip lately

Because I've been so involved with other stuff (me).

But Skip is looking great! He's put weight back on, has his appetite back and can be seen stalking gophers throughout the day. Since the weather's cooled off, he does spend more time inside, sleeps on the bed during the day, but when it warms up, he's back outside (we've had some really cool weather, in the 30s in the morning warming up to the mid-fifties, which is just really weird, I'm used to having the doors and windows open year round).

But whatever was eating him, has left the building.

      Sunday, January 15, 2012

09:22 AM - 01/15/2012

The topic: Very busy couple of weeks behind and ahead

Brian went to Texas to be a big tv star.

Well, not really, he did go to Texas where he was filmed in a commercial for Mahindra Tractors.  There were twelve people nationwide they looked at, three were chosen.  So, he went down there last week, came home Thursday.

They said something about him going back at the end of the month for four days to meet with the Mahindra people and to see the premier of the commercials.

A few months ago I got an offer from MagicJack to get a MagicJack Plus at half price. I jumped on it, thinking his company having a phone number besides the cell number would be a good idea.  I finally set it up last week.  Then I ordered a phone off of Amazon and set that up Friday night. Yesterday, I recorded the “away from the phone” message for voicemail. Despite my funky voice (still not healed) it sounded okay.

He’s going to Tulare for the big Ag show next month.

We need to get a video made for him to hand out to dealers of his top and side links.  We need to do a brochure.

We need to design a logo for him so I can make shirts.

Now that he’s got a phone number, I designed and ordered five hundred business cards from Vistaprint yesterday (found an online coupon, even after using my own graphics, the cost was under seventeen dollars).

While he was gone last week, I noticed water dripping from the wall outside the house, from the laundry room. It wasn’t inside, just out. He checked it out yesterday and had to cut out the wall. He found the source of the leak, fixed it (easy fix, just not convenient to get to, leak was caused by something the people who built the house back in the seventies had done crappily). Right now he’s gone to Home Depot to get drywall mud and new hoses for my washer because the other ones aren’t very long. And an extension cord for under the desk here in the office. I finally set up the UPS battery backup while he was gone.  I have the modem, both routers, his computer and monitor plugged in to it, the cord I used is way too long so he’s getting a shorter one. So, today, he’ll be patching up the laundry room wall.

And I’m going to the 24 hour Disney thing at the end of February. Will be gone two nights.

And driving on freeways leave me scared s*itless. Seriously.  I took him to the airport Tuesday morning. Later that day I took his mom to the doctor. Tuesday night, I feel asleep by eight.  I slept until seven Wednesday morning.  I was that drained from the drive.  I had to drive down to the airport Thursday to pick him up.  He called to let me know he was waiting while I was en route. I answered using my bluetooth headset and I said “I’m terrified”.  And I’m going to have to do it again at the end of the month.  I wish I’d gotten back on that horse sooner. This car doesn’t seem to handle as sweetly as the one that went over the hill.  I keep thinking it’s going to slip sideways.  We’re going to get new tires, maybe that will help me feel more comfortable.

Because it’s a long trip to Anaheim.

Well, off to take a shower. I have to do end of the year paperwork so that will be out of the way when I need to put the video together.

Which we’ll be recording after he gets the implement in the backyard that he bought for cheap repaired, cleaned up and painted.

Thank goodness his niece and nephew have offered to help with the recording.

So much to do!

      Monday, January 16, 2012

09:44 AM - 01/16/2012
We found nothing on our walk this morning
I'm watching nothing
The music in my head is none
The current weather is cloudy and cool with an occasional sprinkle
I'm meh

The topic: Random thought
I was a disruptive child in school.

      Sunday, January 22, 2012

07:35 AM - 01/22/2012

The topic: I think we’re losing Benny

He wasn’t eating as much last week. He was drinking a lot of water.  I gave him fluids last week (he was diagnosed with kidney disease a few years ago) and they seemed to help him. I gave him more yesterday morning.

He crashed badly this weekend. He’s all wobbly and last night, he peed himself in bed. He’s never done that.  He did it again this morning.  I think his little body is shutting down. He’s showing very little interest in food today, he lapped up some Fancy Feast I pureed with water.  He’s not chewing at all, just lapping.  He lapped a little tuna juice from a fresh can of people tuna, but you could tell he wasn’t really interested in it, he was just doing it for us.

He’s seventeen years old. He takes fluids well, but I just don’t see that spark in him that I saw in Mickey when Mickey crashed the first time (the second time it wasn’t due to his kidneys, but he’d quit eating and it turned out he had a tumor in his mouth that prevented him from eating; if it hadn’t been for the tumor, Mickey still might be with us).  We’re not going to have a bunch of tests run.  He won’t live the rest of his life being spoonfed babyfood (well, maybe if he’d eat it, he would) and having fluids administered.  I think he’s beyond that right now.


We knew this would happen.  The cats aging out.


      Tuesday, January 24, 2012

03:04 PM - 01/24/2012

The topic: Benny’s still here

I know it won’t be long, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try the fluids.

Earlier today he went outside, walked down by the pool (I was right there with him, ended up bringing him back up to the patio), where he jumped up onto a chair and has been there for a couple of hours, the sun shining on him and breathing fresh air.  I hope it does him some good.

I gave him Petinic earlier today.

But he’s showing no interest in food.  Not much I can do about that, except pray his appetite comes roaring back.

But I don’t think that’s going to happen. So, we’ll make his last days as comfortable as possible.

      Thursday, January 26, 2012

04:44 PM - 01/26/2012

The topic: Great quote.

From Albert Einstein:

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

      Friday, January 27, 2012

01:49 PM - 01/27/2012

The topic: He’s gone

He was doing so much better yesterday, then this morning…..

He could barely stand.  He was so tired.

We took him in.  We parked the car outside of the clinic, and still weren’t sure we were doing the right thing. Brian opened the carrier and we both talked to Ben. He sat in the back of the carrier, not making a move to come out, not showing much curiousity in what was around him. I told Brian I’d do whatever he wanted.  He watched Benny, turned the car off, then shut the carrier door.

We took Benny inside.  The vet agreed, it was his time.  His body was so acidic from the kidney failure that he had ulcers in his mouth, on his tongue.

We left without him. We should get his ashes back in a week to ten days.

A sad, sad day for us.

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