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      Tuesday, July 05, 2016

12:57 PM - 07/05/2016

The topic: Hangin’ in there


Marco's remains came back the next Friday. I miss him. Mostly when I'm laying down on the sofa. He'd lay at my head and sometimes put his head on mine in such a way that one of his canine teeth dug into my skull. No other cat has done that.

We don't think Miss Elizabeth will be with us much longer. When she eats now, she's putting her whole face into the food, breathing in food or water, so her breathing is weird. The last couple of days her urine output has increased and it's clear. Like her kidneys are not filtering as they should (she's been on fluids almost as long as we've had her, over eight years now). Watching her walk this afternoon, she walked fine down the hallway, but once she got outside, she was stumbling all over. Her back legs are just getting weaker and weaker.

Brian said maybe a week. I know that she most likely won't be here by the end of this month. She's been a great cat, though, a trooper. Never had any problems with her at all. Over 22 1/2 years old at this point. We'll miss her and when she's gone, our lives will definitely be different. We'll be able to be gone for more than three or four hours at a time (we haven't been to Disneyland since last year, before we renewed our passes) and Brian won't have to get up to feed her a couple of times during the night (I sleep right through it).  He'll finally be able to get a good night's sleep again.

Right now I have her fluids heating up, hoping that they help her, but kidney disease isn't something that gets better.

Over the past month I've been able to get most of her mats off, hoping that would perk her up and I brush her well every couple of days, but it's been a long time since she did any grooming on her own.  Just tired.

And I know it's not going to end with her passing this year. I'm sure there will be more.


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