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      Saturday, April 16, 2016

03:26 PM - 04/16/2016

The topic: Using the new laptop


To cut out the paper for my MIL's Mother's Day card. It's a beautiful day outside, I'm washing cat blankets from the garage since they haven't been done in a while.

Miss Elizabeth went outside late today, which surprised me. Brian's brought her in a few times, because she keeps going into his shop to visit him. A little while ago, I hear him yelling. I look outside and he's carrying her into the house. I ask him what happened and he said she keeps going into the shop. The problem there is he's welding (remember, that's what he was doing when she had that seizure last year). I asked him how she was getting around the block that he has up when he welds, to keep her out of the shop. He never put it up. Well, there you go. He said "well, she keeps trying to get in the shop".  Well, duh, if she can't get in, she can't get in. He said "I think she just wants attention". 

I take her from him and bring her inside. She goes into the bathroom and I dish up a fresh bowl of food for her. She eats a little, screams that she's done, please to open this door so I can leave the bathroom and I do. She walks down the hallway to the office. Screen door is shut. She walks down the hallway, into the living room. Screen door is shut. She walks into the garage, the door is blocked (it's a baby gate and the cats can go around it to get in and out, but she hasn't figured that out yet). She comes into the house, walks through the house and I see her outside. She went out through the laundry room door. I yell out at Brian that she's out and he said "that's okay, I'm done welding".

And we're all happy.

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