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      Friday, April 15, 2016

08:10 AM - 04/15/2016

The topic: I called on Smokey Wednesday


He's still at the vet's. Still waiting for the test results. He's such a pretty cat and we were both so sad last week when we left the vet's office with the empty carrier.

Hopefully, if he does have FeLV, we'll be able to help find him a home. Right, BSC? 

We're working on it.

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07:51 AM - 04/15/2016

The topic: Fired up my little adorable netbook the other day


I was thinking about moving cutting files over to it and it took so stinking long to load up. It's just doesn't have the power to run all the programs I've got on it.  Two gigabytes of RAM is nothing these days. I checked to see if I could add any, but not with this model. Boo!

So, stressing over doing the taxes, I cruise over to eBay to see what's available for cheap. I find an HP laptop/netbook for $119. Looks good, check out the specs on the original machine. I'm impressed. No battery, but it has a power cord, not planning on taking it anywhere, I just want something that doesn't freeze when I'm working on cutting.  Okay, what the hell, this will take my mind off of owing the federal government our first born child (good luck with that).  I click the "make an offer" button, I offer $111 (the shipping is $14, so $125 is a good round number). It was accepted. Shipped out last Saturday via Fedex, got here last night at 6:30.  I know what I'll be doing today.

The RAM is upgradeable to 8GB. I'll check to see what kind of RAM it has now. The machine has two memory slots.  If it currently has 2X2GB, I'm screwed, because I'd need to get 2x4GB memory sticks. And that would cost more than the computer did. But if it's got 1x4GB, that would be more doable in the future, since I'd only need to buy one new memory stick. But 4GB is twice what my current machine has, so that will definitely speed things up.

I have all of my cutting software to put on it.

  • Silhouette
  • Make the Cut
  • eCal 3
  • eCal 4

Then the graphic programs

  • Picasa
  • Irfanview

I need to download Firefox (it came with Chrome and Internet Explorer). And I need to get it attached to my own personal cloud drive (no big deal, it's just a hard drive attached to my router that's accessible from all the computers).

Today should be a good day. I love doing this stuff.

Fingers crossed the computer works like I hope it does.


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