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      Monday, October 19, 2015

06:34 AM - 10/19/2015

The topic: So, that “new” monitor I won


In a fuku bag earlier this year died. Well, it hadn't bit the schnitzel yet, but I had to bang on the back and bottom to get it to come on. I'm pretty sure the thing that killed it was the urine spray one afternoon when I wasn't in the office and it wasn't covered. But it's okay, I never did get used to the dark band at the top, I couldn't read the top line on the screen and it was WAY too big for this office. Add to that with my current computer I couldn't use it to its full capability...it was in a box of stuff I got for five bucks so I'm not really broken hearted about it.

I did need to get a new monitor though. The timing had been perfect. When the big one got here, I gave Brian my old one because his had just gone dark. But now there was no backup monitor. I got one an inch bigger than his and has a twenty dollar rebate, so it was about a hundred and fifty dollars including tax. Not bad. And it works.

But the cable I had with the other one isn't working with the new one. The one it came with is too short. I did find a longer one in my drawer of cables, but it still isn't long enough. I ordered another longer one from Amazon on Saturday and it got here yesterday. I'll be working on this today.

I've decided to clean up my workspace here in the office. I took down my previous computer yesterday, will be disconnecting all of the cables etc today and will store it out in the garage.

I'm also going to take down some of the webcams. The technology is old, the computer they run on keeps needing to be rebooted and it's just more of a hassle than I want. I'll probably leave the backyard cam up as well as the catcam chair. I need to redo the webpages for the respective cameras. I check the stats on them occasionally and they don't even get twenty hits a day.

I was going to do some of this yesterday, but Brian was home and in and out of the office and since I'll be making a huge mess and spreading things out as I go along, I figured I'd do it this morning when he takes his mom to the bi-monthly chiropractor appointment.

Time to streamline.

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