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      Tuesday, October 27, 2015

09:02 AM - 10/27/2015

The topic: Clarification about the vinyl pieces


Reverse image of the graphic. For use as a guide for vinyl piece placement.

Paper guide taped to non-adhesive side of transfer paper.

Guide on the tracing light box. When I'm ready to use it, I'll flip it over and tape it down.


The vinyl pieces. White - eyes and teeth, yellow - hair and slipper pom poms, tan - body, green - dress and slippers, blue - eyes, pink - lip, silver - wings. These are what I am having trouble with, proper placement on the transfer paper. If I don't get them just right, the vinyl overlays and it's difficult to safely peel the pieces apart.


Placement on the adhesive side of transfer - you can see the Tinker Bell guide.


Finished decal - now it's ready to be applied to the car window. In this photo, the opaque paper is keeping the sticky side of the vinyl clean until it's applied.


Finished decal, how it will be on the car.


Finished decal on my Netbook. I have two styles of silver for the wings, we're trying to decide which we like better.


If you want to see bigger images, click here.

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mrs. crankypants
06:46 AM - 10/27/2015

The topic: I don’t love the coyotes


I know I've said this before. But they've been incredibly awful this year. Probably because there are more of them (no natural predators) and they're hungry.

I've never liked the sound of their barking/calling. Because it makes me aware of their presence. They spend a lot of time in the yard across the street from ours. The people there have a kitty that they get in at night. There's another cat, the one I posted photos of a few years ago that we were willing to keep, but the owner put up a lost kitty sign, who just keeps "getting out". He lives directly behind the house across the street, but he doesn't climb the fence to get into their yard, he walks around the corner. And these people just don't keep him in. One day, I imagine they'll never see him again. And that won't be good news for the cat, but lovely for the coyotes.

Anyway, three o'clock last night, the coyotes were howling like crazy out in front of our house. Woke both of us up, Brian ran outside without getting dressed and I stood at the window and let out a loud scream, like something in a horror movie. By the time Brian got out to the street, they were running off.

They need to be culled.

Last week on one of our walks up the hill, we saw four. It was after seven in the morning, daylight. They're hungry. They've eaten most of the wild bunnies in the area, I don't think there are any ferals around anymore. So, the coyotes are getting bolder.

Something needs to be done.


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