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      Tuesday, March 31, 2015

09:15 AM - 03/31/2015

The topic: One of the crummiest things about the trim


Was the loss of the birds' nests. This really upset me. There are more trees around, but these trees were the perfect place for a nest. Because of all of the needles, they were fairly hidden and safe. No sun beating down and protection from the wind and rain and cold. 

And that's all gone now. Brian's buying some fertilizer spikes that supposedly will bring back the growth a lot more quickly. I hope so.

I'd made my concerns to the trimmers, but they had a job to do and a short time to do it and watching for nests wasn't in their job description. But one of them did come up to Brian with his hands cupped. It was a baby bird. He handed it to Brian. Brian handed it to me. Brian went back into his shop and found a small box and an old teeshirt and I brought it into the house, putting it into the extra room. Then I closed the door and came online, looking for advice. I contacted someone in rescue, but he didn't get it, he kept telling me to take it to a rescue place. This wasn't practical at that moment. I kept looking.

I found some advice and cut up fragrance and chemical free paper towels. Found a couple of plastic bowls to put the baby and the shredded paper towels and an old shirt of mine to cover it partially up so that the warmth would stay in. We have some high quaility kitten food that we'd got for Marco last year when he was losing weight. I soaked it in filtered water until it was soft, then used a hand blender and one of the many unused syringes I've gotten over the years from the vet. 

I heated up the food, washed my hands and started feeding this little bird every forty-five minutes to an hour. The advice I'd found is they don't need to be fed from sundown to sunup. The parents don't do that, so neither do the humans who rescue them. 

Anyway, I grabbed this video the last time I fed him. This was the first time I heard full on chirping from him. And the first time he spread his wings so widely. I'm really hoping he makes it.


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07:04 AM - 03/31/2015

The topic: Well, with the trimming of the trees


Comes the lack of privacy. Our house used to be pretty blocked from view, but now, it's wide open. So, I'm thinking we should plant some sort of hedge on the bank. Not all the way at the top where it would bother the neighbors so much (anything we plant is going to bother them, they'd be perfectly happy with dirt, they like dirt, their backyard is dirt), but more along the middle, so when I look up, I don't look at the side of their house or the street.

Brian's mom has Oleander planted about eight feet back from the street at her house and it does a good job of privacy from the street, so I'd like to do that, but the problem is Oleander is pretty poisonous. Then I wondered about bougainvillea, but Brian said that's a vine, not a bush. We don't want something that climbs.

Any suggestions for something that flowers, is hedgelike and grows fast? 

I really want my privacy back.

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