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      Sunday, March 08, 2015

01:25 PM - 03/08/2015

The topic: Last weekend


We had a winter storm. There was a little rain on our way to Coronado (video on my youtube channel). It rained a bit while we were eating lunch (we were on the patio under an umbrella, but the showers quickly passed and the rest of the day was San Diego gorgeous. 

But Sunday and Monday we got slammed with precipitation. It was great, we loved it. Monday we actually got some hail. And I got it on video (well, sure, isn't that what I do?). There was a little thunder, but not much. The cats weren't thrilled with the whole concept of water monsters from the sky. They pretended to be indoor kitties for the duration.



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01:20 PM - 03/08/2015

The topic: Last weekend


We had the opportunity to meet up with some of our Disney friends. They were visiting a ninety year old uncle in Old Town. I took my camera, because I try to always take my camera. I took some photos and a few videos while we were at Coronado. We had lunch at a little restaurant named McP's (I had a deli sandwich, I haven't had one in years and sadly, it wasn't as good as I remembered), then cruised around the island, Brian doing guide duty.

Here is one of the videos. The one with the ocean. 


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12:56 PM - 03/08/2015

The topic: Everything’s okay here


I'm just in a place where I have so much to do, I'm not doing anything. I just sit on the sofa watching reruns of Forensic Files or similar crap. Then I fall asleep.


I have been pretty tired and it's really weird. I'm not eating more, but my pants are getting tighter and tighter. Looking over the past couple of months, I'm wondering (I wondered this before, just not out loud) if the methimazole that DaNiece and Richie get is affecting me. I've never been careful about the administration of it and getting in on my fingers and hands happens often. I did a little Google search yesterday and remembered that this is a drug that can be given transdermally. So, I'm going to definitely be more careful in my administration of it and wash my hands thoroughly when I'm done. 

We haven't walked much the past couple of weeks, I'm having a really tough time getting moving in the morning (and now this effing time change thing...I wish they'd just leave it one way or the other, screw changing it, it's just too hard on the old body) and now it will be dark at six am. Last Monday it was raining, Tuesday my left leg hurt, I must have slept wrong, but just walking through the house was painful...always some excuse. It sucks. After I finish this entry, I'm going into the extra room so I can get to my exercise bike. It's a recumbant and easy on the joints and I enjoy riding it. 

I'm sure the stress of the past couple of months hasn't helped. Jackie, Richie, Jackie again...it wears on me.

Yesterday, the dryer we got last May quit putting out warm air. It came with a year warranty and they'll be out Tuesday to fix it. I'll get up early Tuesday and pull everything out of the laundry room and wash the floors and walls. I keep it mostly clean, but not a company clean, you know? There's clean and then there's company clean. This house is not company clean in the least. Anyway, I had a load of jeans and sweatpants in the washer, socks in the dryer and ended up putting the laundry line cord in the garage (Brian put it up for me the last time I made the Disney shirts, back in 2013, for the transfers to dry so they'd last longer once pressed on the shirts). Luckily we've hit another warm spell so they were mostly dry last night. This morning I put the socks on the line. At least I have a line to put them on, that's a good thing.

Orders are slow now, that always depresses me. I just hate not knowing where the next bank deposit will come from. But when it does come, I was finally able to get external bank transfers on my account. I can get into both the personal account and the small business account and now Brian won't have to rush to the bank that has our mortgage with a check each month. I can do it electronically.  That's a good thing.

Remember all of my rants about CostCo never getting my pill quantities right?  Well, last month when I called to get my BP refilled, I was told they will no longer sell me refills all at once. We're talking three hundred pills, a ten month prescription. Besides the convenience of only having to go once to get the meds, it's way cheaper to get them in bulk. A thirty day supply is ten bucks. A ten month supply is less than twenty-five bucks. So, $100.00 vs $25.00, in bulk we save $75.00. No brainer. Since I'm getting low, I called my doctor's office. "Well, you still have a prescription on file, you still have refills".  Well, I promise to not get that refilled, I would like to have a new prescription like you do Brian's. (He has one scrip that's 1 @ 270, no refills.)  It took most of the day with phone calls back and forth to finally get it right. But all three of my prescriptions as well as Brian's have been sent over to CostCo and none of them comes with a refill. Fingers crossed. 


Anyway.....guess I should get busy. Get something accomplished today.

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