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      Sunday, November 09, 2014

10:14 AM - 11/09/2014

The topic: Why I don’t get my paperwork done


The temperature is supposed to be pleasant today. Brian's back in the shop, he has a lot of work to do. I should be able to get a lot done here in the office. Should.

Turn on the office television, look for something that I can half listen to. Ah, Ancient Aliens. That should do it.


I get situated, my glasses. Where are my glasses. They must be in the bedroom, I had them on when I changed out of my long sleeved shirt to a short sleeved shirt. I get up and aim that way, but instead go down the hallway toward the family room. I see the spot on the tile where I'd put peroxide earlier, a puke spot. I clean it up.

Having gone into the kitchen to get paper towels to wipe up the puke, I notice the remains of the cat poop I wiped up this morning. Some cat poops like they're making their own little diorama of islands with feces being the media of choice. I'd wiped up most of it first thing, but the edges had dried. Grab the peroxide and cover the island remains. (Peroxide is great for this, the organic material just foams up and is very easy to wipe up.)

I start back to the office when I realize I wanted to put the last little roast in the crock pot. I go out to the garage, get the last roast out of the freezer and take it back to the kitchen. Pull out the crock pot, get the roast out of the freezer bag and start it up. Charlie is on the counter, I give him a big hug. Just because he's an asshole doesn't mean I don't love him. 

Walk out of the kitchen, almost to the bathroom and I hear a noise in the kitchen. I walk back, yelling "Charlie, get out of there". He can pull the lid off of the crock pot. I check and he's already jumped down. 

Back to the office. My glasses. Where are my glasses?

On the bed. Right next to the long sleeved shirt.

Now they're on my face. And I hear a fight from the other room. I get up. I see Charlie running down the hallway. I check for the other involved whiskered one. I see a kitty under the coffee table in the living room. Ronnie.

Not a problem. I don't think Charlie would fare well in a fight with Ronnie. 

Back to the office. I need water.

I'll get this paperwork done. Eventually.

So, I'm finishing up this entry, hey, you know what would be cool? Office smileys!  Google them, find a great new source for more (make a new folder for smileys in my web browser and bookmark the link, really can't justify going through the thousands they've got right now), grab a few, rename them, upload them, change the code in my weblog software, save what I've already written, reload the page, input the saved entry and hey, I think maybe I'm almost to a point that I can actually focus on paperwork! That would be ever so awesome! Because once I start on that, there won't be anything on my mind until I'm done. I'm funnystrange that way.


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