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      Monday, September 28, 2015

11:27 AM - 09/28/2015

The topic: Took Autumn to the vet this morning


She seemed a little better, but just wasn't right. So, I took her in.

I explained what was going on, about her breathing and maybe her dehydration. I had told the tech when she was doing the prelim about how Autumn's tummy felt kind of big.

So, the vet took an x-ray and there is some fluid in Autumn's abdomen as well as around her heart. He ran an EKG and her heart walls are thickening.

She'll be on three different meds a day and that should make her feel better. Hopefully, this will help put off the inevitable a little longer. I asked about her quality of life and he said she should feel fine after the meds kick in. I'll be taking her in on Thursday for a followup x-ray.

He told me that we caught it early.

I hate not having the money to take a cat in when I think the cat should be taken in. I hate being in a position where I have to decide to spend the money or take the wait and see approach. I can get along being broke, but I hate how I feel about a kitty not feeling well. I just hate it. I'm glad we have a little plastic funds.

Glad to hear Autumn is feeling better.  I know exactly how you feel, hopefully the medications will give her some quality time.. we are on some borrowed time with about 3 cats who are up in the 14-15 year age range…one day at a time.

Posted by Sue Miller @ Friday, October 02, 2015 - 2:17:40 PM

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