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      Saturday, May 25, 2013

07:58 AM - 05/25/2013
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The topic: Today. Today I will craft


For Mother's Day, I wanted to make the roses from the Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit for my MIL, but I ran out of time. I'd even hit Michael's craft store the week before to get special paper, soft, like rose petals and I found some nice textured green for the leaves.

But I had too many problems with that video and ran out of time. Since I got the floors and windows cleaned this past week (well, still need to the the bedroom window, but hey, it's behind the bed, there's a big pillow there for the cats, which usually has three to five cats on it during the day, I have to stand on the bed to clean it and I just don't feel like it yet), the sofa and loveseat covers washed, I can sit at my little crafting table and play without guilt.

Last night I cut out ten 12 x 12 pages of roses (two roses to a page). Unfortunately, because of the way the software is, it would have been too much work to make the cut lines in the Silhouette Design Software (which is an add-on to the software that comes with the machine), so I used eCal's Sure Cuts A Lot v3. I haven't used that a lot and I should have paid more attention to what I was doing because the blade didn't go all the way through the first eight pages. Oh, there's the problem, I never reset the blade on the machine itself.  *sigh* Last two pages and all the leaves came out nicely. *lol* Oh, well, I can put on some old television series I never watched on the Roku and sit there with my cutting pad and blade and finish cutting those first sixteen rose patterns by hand.

I already have my dowels for the stems, but I also got some pipe cleaners. I'm thinking wrapping three pipe cleaners with the florist tape might be better because the "stems" will bend.

I follow SVG Cuts on FaceBook and people share their versions of the patterns, and oh, my gosh, some of them are beyond creative. I've seen some roses that look so darned realistic, you'd think she just picked them from her garden. Of course, I don't think mine will ever be that good, but it's sure going to be fun to try.

I just wish I didn't suck at gluing.

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