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      Saturday, February 23, 2013

10:02 AM - 02/23/2013

The topic: Okee dokee


Here I am, alive and well.

Watching “I Love Lucy”. WTF?  The guide said “Golden Girls”, I never loved Lucy. Ah, Encore West…Bonanza….that’ll do.

So, what’s happened this year.  Brian “trimmed” my past my waist hair.  I’d asked for two to four inches (max).  He did a radius, couldn’t get it even on the left and right, kept cutting. Eight to ten inches later….I screamed, I cried, I threw a hissy fit, I pouted, I cried some more, and to top it all off, to spite him (because he doesn’t care for red hair), I went did a temporary red color. Made a bad thing worse, it was a deep orangey red, looked great in the back (you’d never know it was me, wrong color, wrong length).  Spent two days packing on the olive oil and shampooing. Finally got some stuff called Color Oops! and it did a great job of ridding me of the red.  It’s still strawberry blonde, but gets lighter with each wash (remember, it was a semi-permanent rinse).  But I still have to get used to the length. We went to CostCo on Thursday and I kept looking how long other women’s hair was and started to get depressed.  I can’t even get a decent braid, but I can get the double braids, one on each side. Unfortunately I have the urge to find some wire and have them up in the air, Pippi Longstocking style.

Yes, my hair looks healthy. Yes, it looks great. But after fifteen or more years of waist length hair, it’s going to take longer than a week or so to get used to it. For those Big Bang Theory fans, you know the episode where Sheldon wins an award and has to give a speech? And Penny takes him shopping and finds this really sharp suit for him? Black on black, he looks awesome in it? And he says, looking down, “I feel like a clown”. That’s me.  I was informed by a “friend” on Facebook last Sunday morning (after I ranted about it on Thursday afternoon, Friday, then my last post was Saturday night - four days by her count, two by mine) to 1. Quit whining - 2. Put on my big girl panties - 3. Be glad I didn’t have cancer.  Needless to say, she’s no longer a friend, a friend would support me and not trivialize something like this. Yes, I’ll get over it, I have no other choice. But my real friends understand. They know me and love me and they’ll be there for me, no matter how silly I’m being.  (And my real friends are the ones who advised unfriending her.)

So, I started to play with my Silhouette Cameo some more, found some websites with templates for cutting paper. I’m having lots of fun with it, making lots of stuff. I made an exploding box card for my BFF’s birthday last month, I had a blast putting it together.  I’m going to be setting up a new category here for crafting.

And I’ve been taking lots of pictures, pulled my big Canon out of storage (which is a coat rack in the extra room).  I’l be sharing those, too.  I haven’t hardly uploaded anything to my photo album in a while. 

Anyway, not much else is going on, think I’ll get that new category going.

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