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      Friday, August 14, 2015

06:12 AM - 08/14/2015

The topic: Last week NotPancho


Who we call Gem now (short for Gemini, thanks,  Melanee) was on the fence, went to the back, where the little dog behind us, Peter (we call him Scooter because it's an adorable name for a little dog) started barking his fool head off at Gem.

We hadn't seen Gem since.

I was worried about him. I checked often during the afternoon and evenings for him out front. No sign. It didn't help that the coyotes have been busy little canids. Woke us up out of a sound sleep howling in front of our house earlier this week, had Brian dressed and standing out front with a bat, looking for them. I was right behind him.

Yesterday morning, I was looking out the bedroom window and Brian asked what I was looking at. "There's something under the car." From my angle, I couldn't see much. He could see more and said "it's a cat!" And it was. It was Gem.

I went out to talk to him and he was rubbing all over my legs, letting me pet him and give him ear scratches. Brian came out with some kibble for him and in all the times Gem has been coming here, I've never seen him eat this much. He didn't look injured at all, he was clean, but he was really hungry.

I pulled the food in last night, we don't want to start feeding wildlife at the house. Possoms, raccoons (who have made a royal mess out of the fountain in the entryway, the like playing in it) are welcome to the water, but we don't want them getting used to being here because that will also draw in the coyotes.

And we all know how I feel about  coyotes.

Anyway, it was a good day, seeing Gem alive and well.

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