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      Sunday, September 18, 2016

02:25 PM - 09/18/2016

The topic: It’s hot again today


Is this summer ever going to end?  I want to do things that need me to get up and do and the heat just sucks all of the wanna out of me.

So, today I washed my wash towels/rags so they'll be clean for when the wanna comes back, probably tomorrow.  I want to wash the windows and screens. I want to wash the floors, even under and behind the sofas. And in the garage. I want to wash the floor in the garage. I want to wipe the fuzz off of the walls. I started working on the fuzz a little bit today. I want to dust up high, which means hauling in a ladder.

Today, I did some more rearranging in the garage. Now, the heat press is readily accessible. I realized that I really did need to have a cover over the storage containers, because there are ink pads and acrylic paints and marking pens and other things that wouldn't do well with light hitting them. I used the bungee cord that held the navy blue blanket which previously protected the containers. Now I just have a towel, but it should do the trick.

And I played with the new Cameo and software. It took me a while. I tossed the test papers on the floor and I pointed them out to Brian; he asked if they'd blown off of my table...no, I threw them down there....his eyes got big, "that's a lot of paper" to which I replied "learning curve". He nodded his head. Anyway, after rebooting the computer, I was able to get the software working the way it was supposed to be working. Now I'll be able to cut the same design on two machines at the same time (great for repetitive things, such as greeting cards or, as I like to do, when I change out paper colors for the projects I make). Or cut two different designs at the same time; this will cut down prep time for projects. I'm really stoked about this. It feels great to be excited about something again.

The electricity still works in the living room.  I can't even begin to explain how good it feels to finally be working as it should be. And today I put a night light in the outlet in the office that's by the door.  Since I shut down the catcam, it's dark down there at night and kitties have been nudged with a foot a time or two. But now that that outlet is live again, this littel LED light should help.

Right now, at this moment, life is good.


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