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      Thursday, May 07, 2015

mrs. crankypants
03:19 PM - 05/07/2015

The topic: It wasn’t delivered here….


So, last month I ordered some blades for my Silhouette via eBay from a Chinese seller. I'm cheap, I don't use the official Silhouette blades, I have a couple of blade holders (housing) and buy replacement blades for the holders. You know how I go through these and how much paper I ruin and time I waste by not changing out the blades in a timely manner; well, I figure if I have a fair amount of them, I won't drag my feet when it needs to be done. They come in three different angles, 30°, 45° and 60°, each having a specific purpose. The 60° are good for thin material, like vinyl. The goto angle for regular cardstock is 45°. I bought two packages of ten each, it came to just under $34.00. I shouldn't need to get any more for a while, these should last (unless I get really busy).

Anyway, they were supposed to have been delivered last Saturday. The post office shows them delivered on Friday. Last Friday. They were placed in the mailbox at the street. But guess what? They were not delivered to the mailbox at the street. As a matter of fact, Brian had a package delivered that needed to be signed for and the mailman brought all of the mail to the front door. And the little envelope from China was not there. I asked the mailman about it and he said "this is all I've got". 

Saturday, I printed out the tracking information from the post office website. And I showed it to the mailman. I said "this shows this was delivered to the mailbox yesterday, but you brought all of the mail in and this wasn't there". He shrugs, doesn't remember where he may have delivered it. I'm thinking WTF?

I consider this and figure maybe whoever got it will put it back into the mail to be redelivered. Nope, not yet. Yesterday I sent a message to the post office. Today, I tried contacting Paypal, but they have a thing to contact the seller. So, I just sent a message to the seller and I know I'll end up having to contact eBay and maybe Paypal.  

I'm just glad I have proof that another package was delivered to our door and signed for on that day. Should help bolster my case.

Damn it.


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