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      Friday, July 28, 2017

06:19 PM - 07/28/2017

The topic: I watched DaNiece wash herself


And I smiled when I realized I'm no longer in fear of her not getting over whatever was going on with her. In the past week, she's made great strides.

There was a little nervousness when I gave her a dose of her thyroid meds last Saturday afternoon and she became lethargic. (The last dose she's gotten.) One of the scary symptoms of her illness (I doubt we'll ever know exactly what it was) was unresponsiveness when she was sleeping. There was no push back when you'd lift one of her paws, it would just fall back. Pick her up and her head would just loll. But she finally becomes responsive, so while it's weird, it's not alarming.

Sunday, my cold was storming on and Brian made us Chunky soup, a big can. Neecy was very interested in my meal. I put a little down for her, with the gravy and a potato. She ate it all. And every day since, she's expressed strong interest in whatever we're eating. The amount of eggs she's getting has dropped considerably, Since her first taste of chicken, when she only ate a small amount, her appetite has gotten stronger. This morning, she ate a half a breast at one sitting.

Her poop is so much better. Still a strange color, maybe because she's still eating some egg each morning. But it isn't watery in the least. She's going about twice a day now, where she had been going every couple of hours.

Her fur looks better, her eyes look better and her little nose is moist. Just two days ago, it was like leather. She's a lot more alert and responsive. She actually will lay there with her head in the air, looking around. Before, she wasn't able to hold her head up.

But she's way better now than she was two weeks, even a week ago. She's going to be with us a while longer, I'm pretty sure.

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