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      Sunday, September 27, 2015

09:17 AM - 09/27/2015

The topic: I hate cat scares


Friday, I couldn't find Autumn. She's one of those cats you only see if you look for her. She stays mostly in the garage. Since we stopped getting the cats in at night (thanks to Rocky), she wanders outside a little. Not much, but a little.

So, Friday, I look all over for her. She's not in the garage, she's not in the house under the sofa or loveseat. I looked all over for her outside and didn't see her. Finally, mid-afternoon, I found her in a cathouse on the bank. She looked pretty bad. I was able to get her out of it without incident and brought her inside. She was pretty shook up, she peed while I carried her (which is something she does, she's very nervous and frightened).

I got her to lap up some tuna juice and eat a little tuna, but I was concerned about her being dehydrated. Yesterday morning, I gave her 60cc of lactated ringers. I would have given her more, but I don't know how her heart is and I didn't want to put pressure on her lungs in case there's a problem there.  And I set up one of the IP cameras I bought earlier this year, the one I'd wanted to put up in the shop. I was happy Brian never got around to it. It took me over four hours to get it done (it should have gone a lot more smoothly than it did, but I just couldn't connect to it wirelessly). I set it up in the garage and have all of my devices able to see it, even my basic cell phone. I've moved it as she moves. The infrared is a Godsend, since I could watch her during the night. Her breathing was alarming to me, it was way too fast.

And every time I watched her, she wasn't asleep. But she's doing much better this morning and the last time I checked on her (via camera) she was sleeping and her respiratory rate had dropped considerably. She did poop during the night and it was awful. It was a dry as an old twig, so thinking along the lines of dehydration.

Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye on her, just to be sure she keeps doing better. If she doesn't, it will be off to the vet.

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