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      Saturday, July 12, 2014

07:04 AM - 07/12/2014

The topic: I had everything I needed cut out


I thought and had shut off the Silhouette and powered down the laptop, then I realized I hadn't done the vellum.

I've never cut vellum before.

So, I fired up the laptop (it's old and really slow to boot up, but okay once it gets going) and got the Silhoutte back up and running. Opened Silhouette Studio and got my files in place. I already had the vellum on the mat. I started it up and went into the kitchen to continue making dinner (we had very little quick food in the house, so I had the oven going, which I hate doing when it's so stinking hot and was mashing up an avocado and heating up a can of refries to go with the taquitos in I would put in the oven).

The Silhouette finished and I went over to pull out the mat. WTF?! I never put it in the machine. *sigh* 

So, I loaded it in and restarted it. Still busy in the kitchen, I realized it didn't sound right, but I just let it keep working, like I was working. It finished. I checked it out. Many expletives at this point. 

I hadn't changed the physical depth of the blade and it cut right through the mat. And in doing so, it didn't cut the vellum right, obviously. I was sure I'd pulled two pieces of vellum from my stack, but I was wrong. I had to go find the vellum book I had (Grafix, an assortment of colors) and pull another sheet out. And grab another mat (WalMart online has the best prices I can find on these, so I stock up when I get them). I wasn't happy having to use a brand new mat, the sticky on it is very strong and it's difficult to peel the paper off. I ordered more mats earlier last week and I see that Silhouette now has a less tacky mat for more money. Stupid asses. Just make it right to begin with.

We ate dinner (I thought it sucked, but then I was looking right at the Silhouette and the pile of wasted paper and knowing it was because I got in a hurry didn't enhance the great mood I wasn't in), I got the table and dishes cleaned up and went back to work. 

Of course my vellum wasn't in the first storage container, I had to move Sagwa to get to the box it was most likely in. And to get to that box, I had to move another container of paper (you know, if we didn't have so many cats this wouldn't be an issue but inappropriate urination has ruined many things in this house and we've learned our lessons) to get to the one with the vellum. Got my sheet, headed to the dining room, put it on the mat, pulled the blade out, cleaned it out (I don't use the official Silhouette blades, I have a blade holder and I just put in a new blade, which I get on eBay, as needed - which I had to do yesterday, another lesson learned earlier this year, don't waste paper trying to get a dull blade to work), reset how much stuck out from the casing and cut my vellum.

Perfect. The first time. mail

Well, the first time with that sheet of vellum, a reset blade and a new mat.

Today, I assemble! Got the tutorial on the Playon using the Playmark option, which I'll watch on the Playon channel on my Roku in front of the television in the family room

I hope I don't end up throwing the glue bottle across the room and ripping the paper to shreds in frustration. Nah, I'd never do that. Not me. I don't throw tantrums. Or do I?


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