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      Saturday, January 02, 2016

10:37 AM - 01/02/2016

The topic: Hey, it’s a new year!


I sure hope this one is better than last.

It's been pretty cold here and delicate flower that I am, I've been spending a lot of time under a blanket on the sofa. Brian says to turn up the heat, but that cost money. So, my excuse for doing nothing is financial.

Well, I did get my Christmas cards finished and mailed out on the 21st of December. But no one got their's until the following week. Even the ones that just went up to the Los Angeles area. Go figure. And they all had additional postage on them.

We were planning on hitting the theaters for Christmas, but I had another migraine on Christmas eve and spent the day in bed. I didn't know how my body would react to loud and flashy, so we stayed home. Brian visited with his mom for a while. She said when he was leaving that Christmas was just weird this year. Yeah, it's been weird for me for a while. I got a couple of cards from friends, that was nice. And one present via email. Last Monday we took wrapped presents over to the vet's office for all of the workers. No cookies this year, I just wasn't up to making them. I'm probably done with Christmas baking. My back just can't handle it.

The cats are doing well, Miss Elizabeth still gets around. I'm really surprised she made it to the new year. In the past few weeks she's quit going out to the garage to potty a lot of the time, she likes my bathroom. That's okay, the floor doesn't suck now.  That vinyl was a huge improvement.

Business was scary slow in December. A total of ten orders and five of those came in the last week. We would have been okay, except for the property taxes that were due on the 10th. I will be so glad when we finally get to the point where there's always money in the bank and we don't have to scramble to pay the bills.

I'm looking forward to the coming week, it's supposed to be raining every day. I think we'll finally make it up to Disneyland. Get some use out of our passes. This will most likely be our last year having them. If we lived closer, it wouldn't even be a question, but Brian's so busy now, it's hard to find the time to get up there and the four hours total drive time wears us both out. And I know my energy level has been pretty low for a while now. We do better when we walk, but damn, it's cold out there. *lol*

That's about it for now, I'm hoping to be better about making entries, but things are just so boring anymore.

Boring is good.

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