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      Sunday, June 29, 2014

09:52 AM - 06/29/2014

The topic: Georgie is doing a little better this morning


I think I've figured out why he crashed so badly. He's not eating. He got picky last week (remember my entry about the food in the fridge?) From what I've read online (and remembering back to the day we said goodbye to Benny, when the vet mentioned the ulcers in his mouth, one of the things that happens to cats in kidney failure) I believe Georgie has these ulcers in his mouth (and probably elsewhere in his system). When I was watching him try to swallow, I thought back to Mario earlier this month when I took him to the vet. Mario was fine in a couple of days, but I still have the medicine the doctor prescribed. I wondered if this med might help George. So, I did the Google search to see if it would hurt him.

The news was it was actually beneficial for a cat in kidney failure. The drug is Sulfacrate. I started giving what's left to George yesterday morning. And I started to syringe some A/D into him. I know he doesn't have long with us, I'm under no illusion that he's going to beat this disease. But if I can help him feel a little better as he declines, I'll do it. 

Yesterday morning, he was barely responding to me. He just laid on the throw rug in the family room, staring ahead. He wouldn't set his head down, and he wouldn't sleep. The only interest he showed in any of the multitudes of food I placed before him was the tuna. And he wanted the liquid, not the fish. He lapped it up quite eagerly. And finally, yesterday afternoon, he took a couple of very short naps.  Last evening, I gave him more fluids.

This morning he's more alert. I boiled up a chicken breast and he was very interested in the little teeny tiny pieces I gave him, but they were getting caught in the back of his mouth (I've noticed that in the past that when cats have mouth problems, when they chew it sounds like chewing on a rubber band, that squishy, smooshy sound). A while later I syringed some watered down, warmed up A/D into his mouth. He wasn't appreciative of this and I hated doing it, but he needs nourishment.  His eyes look better and he's not just laying in one spot, but cruising the house a little. He's even more hydrated than he's been for the past few days.

 About an hour ago he went out through the door in the garage and made his way to the backyard. He was under the swing for a while (I'm just letting him be, not bothering him). I watched him stand up and walk down by the pool. Uh....no. I watched as he walked to the far side and I could tell he wanted to get a drink. Uh....definitely no. I walked down there and told him I'd prefer if he came over to the steps to drink. And he actually responded, coming over to me. Then he started to go to the other side of the pool and I just picked him up and brought him back to the patio.

Right now, he's by the tractor, laying in the cool grass. When I walk by him, he turns his head to watch my progress. 

I know the end is near. I'm not kidding myself about his progress. 

Tomorrow I'll ask the vet about more sulfracrate. I don't want to bring him in, I don't want a bunch of tests run on him. There's really no reason. I just want him to be more comfortable until it's his time.

I've got some video I took of him last week. I've got video of him yesterday. And I know when he's no longer around, I'll watch the video when I start to second guess myself. Because it always happens that way. And I know it will help the guilt that comes with making that final, permanent decision.

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