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      Wednesday, August 26, 2015

01:28 PM - 08/26/2015

The topic: Feeling stabby


Really, really stabby. I'm so done with this heat and humidity. It has a way of magnifying every stupid little problem in my life. Which is why I feel so stabby.

It's been over a month since I've gotten a good night's sleep. Running the A/C is expensive, but running five hundred fans isn't cheap, either. And there's the constant motor noise, just digging into my brain. Stabby, stabby, stabby. The cats hate the heat.

The bedroom is too warm, I don't remember the last time I slept under the covers. I use a light fleece blanket. The family room is cooler, but the sofa isn't the most comfortable or good for the back place to spend the night.

Then there's the mosquitoes. Last week a 73 year old man was diagnosed with West Nile virus. More dead birds have been found with it in their systems than past years. So, sleeping without a cover makes me nervous. A couple of weeks ago, my legs were bitten on a regular basis.

Stabby, stabby, stabby.

Brian was having problems with his old welder and he'd come in bitching and being all growly. Understandable, but I was already stabby without any input from him. So, we were both stabby.

I remade everything I'd sent my friend for her birthday that was stolen, plus a few extra things (I will post video, but it's hot here, have I mentioned that?) Then an exchange I'd signed up for last spring was ready to happen. I wasn't prepared. I made greeting cards with envelopes and a box for them and personalized canvas bags. Unfortunately, on the last day I pulled something in my back, I think when I was carrying one of my storage containers with paper. Four days I was flat. Four wasted days. I did get all of them out the next week.


Because Brian's welder was not working properly (mostly because he was using it harder than it was designed for), something that should only take a half hour, was taking three hours. So, his lead time was lengthening. He was getting more and more stressed out. Then, like someone flipped a switch, there were no orders. We had a little cushion that would take care of the house payment and the insurance. Except he couldn't keep working with that welder. Ordered a new welder. Goodbye cushion. No orders coming in. Liability company asking "are you going to renew?"....stabby....

No sign of Gem since I last saw him out front.

I stepped onto the bathroom scale last weekend for the first time in years. No cause for celebration there.

Yesterday morning on our walk, it was after seven in the morning, we heard coyotes. And we saw them on our walk, two of them together. Stabby.

Yesterday, the USPS website would not let me use the credit card. I called the bank. After having to put Brian on the line to let support know that I was allowed to speak to them on his account (funny, they asked him information, I'd tell him the answer, then he'd repeat it to them and all three of us were on the line) there's no problem with the card, it must be USPS. I used Paypal. This morning I had to print a label from the USPS website. It wasn't working.. I can't print the USPS labels on my laser printer, I think the paper is wrong. I have to use the inkjet. The inkjet needed cleaning (I have a continous ink system). While it was running the cleaning cycle, I tried a label in the laser printer. The toner just wiped off the page when I swiped my hand over it. Stabby.

Bobby would NOT leave me alone during all of this. I had paper all over and I'd put him on the floor, he'd jump back up on my desk, I'd put him on the floor, I reached for my mouse and he was on that side of me. I ended up yelling at him and putting him outside. Stabby.

I've been having problems with one of my USB hubs. Got a new one. This one is a little odd, there are three sets of three connections and each set has it's own on/off switch. I had to reset them all every time I turned on the computer. I got a different one and was having the same problem. Then the cats peed on the front of my computer and one of the USB connectors in the front quit working. I couldn't find any reason for this, but it added to the stabby. I finally figured out the problem this afternoon. The original Magic Jack dongle quit working. I spent an hour trying to figure out the problem with no luck. Because it's broken. I had to order a replacement. Stabby.  No MagicJack connected, all of my USB ports are properly working again.

Stabby, stabby, STABBY!!!!

This has been a hell of a stabby month.

I'm glad it's almost over.


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