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      Thursday, May 15, 2014

09:02 AM - 05/15/2014

The topic: Cats today


Pancho is doing much better, he's eating and I'm no longer worried about him. He has a 10:20 recheck appointment this morning. I'd love to blow it off (it's gonna be a hot one), but I may as well get it over with.

Opie still hates me, but he loves his tuna. I found that out earlier this week. He was behind the loveseat and I opened a can of tuna. I'm not a fan of fish for cats, it's really not the best thing to feed them, but as a bribe food, it's most excellent. I sat on the floor and had the can next to my legs. This way I could keep the vultures away and he could eat in peace. And eat he did. He was so happy, he did the purr/nom thing. He did have a little bit of a difficult time, mostly when the food was on the left side of his mouth, but I talked him through it, stroking him when he was in trouble. 

Once I saw that he could eat the tuna, I quit pureeing the dinner meal. I watched him eat last night and it's looking like he's adjusting well.

This morning he had absolutely no problem at all.

This is all good.

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