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      Thursday, October 29, 2015

10:01 AM - 10/29/2015

The topic: Back from my yearly physical


My blood pressure wasn't good, which kind of surprised me. It's great here at home. He changed my meds and I have to call in a couple of weeks to let them know how it's doing. And he would like me to bring in our bp machine to calibrate with theirs.

Got a pap smear, he said something about only needing them every three years and not getting them at all after sixty-five (unless something is abnormal). So, I'll most likely never need another one of those.

He wants me to see a podiatrist for my bunion foot. I don't think our insurance will cover it. If I can hold out another three years, I'll have medicare, maybe I can do something about it then.

And I'll be on an anti-depressent. He said it will be a once a day pill, but I should feel better.

And I lost two pounds from last year.

Then I got my blood taken, so fingers crossed those values are okay.

Oh, I just remembered. I brought up the eyesight thing from earlier this month and he was a little concerned that there was no headache. I told him I had a pretty bad one the next day, and spread my hand open showing him where it had been (from my cheek to my forehead) and that I figured it was sinus and took an allergy pill. He said "that was probably a migraine, not allergies".  But he didn't seem to concerned about the auro once he knew there was some sort of pain involved, although it happened the next morning.

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