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      Friday, May 25, 2007

12:31 PM - 05/25/2007

The topic: Rory


One night this past week, Ronnie went after his sister.  I don’t much like him when he does this.  I went through it with Opie and Richie, to where they had a few of the girls terrified to be in the house and they took up residence in the garage.  Lonee came back in, but Angel and Gracie still live in the garage.  Gracie might come inside and sleep under the loveseat, the cat door isn’t even four feet away from it.  And Angel might venture in further, but she’s always ready to run back to the garage. 

Well, Ron had Rory up against a cat tree and she was hissing and growling and panting.  The hissing and growling, while I didn’t care for it, weren’t all that much of a concern.  The panting was.  I picked her up and took her into the family room and sat with her, trying to get her calmed down.  It didn’t take long, the panting didn’t seem to bother her too much and it was over almost immediately, but I was still a little puzzled by it. 

And when I got her calmed down, she went after Ronnie, but when he got her down, it started over.  I ended up chasing both of them with the squirt bottle, trying to be quiet since Brian was in bed asleep.  The water bottle worked and having Rory find a bug to chase helped even more and they quit going after one another.

Last night, Ronnie had her trapped behind the door in the bedroom and once again, she was hissing, growling and panting. 

This morning, I called and made an appointment for her next week.  Soonest they could get her in was Wednesday morning because of the holiday. 

She doesn’t seem to be feeling badly, she’s outside stalking birds and inside playing with her boa on a stick.  I don’t know if there’s an actual medical problem or if she just gets stressed when he attacks her.  I’m hoping it’s the latter.

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