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      Saturday, February 08, 2020

07:35 AM - 02/08/2020

The topic: Sammy goes to the Rainbow Bridge

It was a hard decision. Well, it was a hard decision when I called on Wednesday to make the final appointment for Thursday. He was doing so poorly. He could hardly walk, he was constipated again, his eye was draining constantly, and his nose wasn't bleeding.

Yes, I said his nose wasn't bleeding. It hadn't for a couple of days. This did not look like a good sign, this looked like it was blocked. And I was beginning to understand that the feline herpes virus had progressed even further.

I gave him Miralax on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday he threw it up. I gave him fluids mid-afternoon on Wednesday, just hoping to help him be a little more comfortable (he lost a lot of fluids breathing through his mouth).

Thursday morning, he had rebounded. He was more active, he ate quite a bit (although he was only eating on the side of his mouth where his face didn't have the herpes) and he pooped. I called and cancelled the appointment.

I knew it would be soon, but not this day.

He had a good day on Thursday.

Yesterday was a whole new day. He didn't get out of bed. He wouldn't/couldn't eat. I gave him the kitten kibble he snarfed down the day before and he sniffed with interest, tried to pick up a piece and would just drop it from his lips. I tried people tuna, I tried three or different flavors of Fancy Feast and Friskies. He just turned his head.

He stayed in bed all day. His breathing was hard, nothing was going through his nose and he didn't rest at all. He was in pain and couldn't breathe comfortably. I called the vet's office at 3:45 yesterday afternoon, knowing he wouldn't make it through the weekend. We took him in an hour later.

The vet said when she was told we'd called, she made sure we were able to get him in. She said "you guys know when it's time". 

He was sedated first, then after he was given the goodbye shot, he was gone almost immediately. It was peaceful.

He was almost nineteen, the last of the Little Guy litter. Sammy, Autumn, Angel, DaNiece, Opie and Richie. Katie and Mystie were his aunts.

Knowing that he's no longer in pain and great discomfort helps. Not much, but it helps.

Goodbye, Sammy Bobammy Bammers. We'll miss you.

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      Thursday, February 27, 2020

06:41 PM - 02/27/2020

The topic: No more days like today, thank you very much

Yesterday afternoon, Jingles' previous owner called Brian. She'd like to stop by this morning to see him. He said okay. I said I need to start cleaning the house when I get up.

And Jingles was in bad need of a bath. Thankfully, it was a warm day and I was able to get him bathed by six yesterday evening. He did get the hair dryer treatment, he wasn't really happy about that, but he looked and smelled a lot better (I'd planned on doing it today, anyway).

Nancy and her daughter were supposed to stop by around 10:30. I had been done cleaning for about an hour. Whew.

We visited for a while, Nancy said Jingles was fat, Brian said he wasn't, his hair is just long.

They were here for less than an hour, Brian went back to work and I kicked back.

We were getting low on groceries, so we went to CostCo around 3:30, were finished shopping around 4:30 and started home. We had Jack in the Box for dinner, I kept my sandwich until we got home.

Brian took his dinner back to the office and I changed out of my jeans, took off my bra and took my shoes off.

Then Lorelei came into the room.

She was stumbling. Badly. I watched her a little and yelled at Brian, we needed to get her in. Lorelei threw up. I told him to bring the stuff in from the car that needed to be refrigerated and I called the vet.

Without hesitation, she said "bring her in".  In the time he was bringing in the perishables and I was getting dressed, Lorelei went into the garage and peed, then pooped. I helped her stand up to poop because she was so weak. I grabbed the carrier and got her in it and out the door we went.

We didn't have to wait too long. Lorelei was crying and very upset. We were taken into the examining room. Lorelei was weighed and the doctor was in before too long. Her fear was either a seizure or a thrombosis (blood clot). Of the two, I was voting for option one, because you can't do much for a blood clot. What works for humans (blood thinners) can be deadly to cats.

They took her into the back and ran some tests on her. They brought her back in and we waited for the test results. She was anxious and we let her walk around. She jumped back up onto the seat. Then down again. She walked a little, I took the blanket out of the carrier and put it on the seat between Brian and me. She finally jumped up and laid down. Kind of relaxed, stretching out, but she was still breathing heavier than normal. She was doing a small kneading motion against the blanket.

We were like that when the vet came back in with the results.One of her liver values was a little off, but it wasn't enough to worry about. Her thyroid level was up, so her meds have been adjusted. At this point, the vet thinks she had a seizure. She told us it can take from an hour up to a day to recover from one. She was so warm to the touch because as she put it "like going to the gym" and I said "the what?" She laughed. The good news her weight was up over a pound from her last visit.

Anyway, we're home and Lorelei has slowly gotten better. She's up in her window right now, laying down.

Now, we wait and watch.

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