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      Wednesday, July 11, 2012

04:09 PM - 07/11/2012

The topic: We got a new kitty

My BFF called a few weekends ago, a “friend” of her family was moving to a new house and his new fiancee doesn’t like animals. (If you’re looking for a jockstrap in his house, you’ll probably find her wearing it. Middle aged crap for him, she’s leading him around by his little head….)

Mario’s original owner died in a car accident eight years ago. The new house is in the foothills, where there are lots of coyotes.  Her husband wouldn’t let her take the kitty (“I’m not cleaning up any more of his messes!” referring to the PW guy), so she called me, in tears.

He’s here now, he’s been here since July 5th.  He’s a nice kitty, today was his first day that he didn’t spend the daylight hours sleeping under the sofa. I think he might be acclimating to our schedule.

Oh, that guy? He also had three dogs. Two found new homes, the third he took with him. A little Pomeranian. He put the elderly dog outside a couple of nights ago because he puked inside. The next morning, they found his remains.  Coyote got him.  Everyone warned him that coyotes have no probems with six foot fences.

Rat bastard. And that woman he’s with for sure has a heart of gold.

Cold, hard and yellow.

The bitch. I hope Karma takes a huge piece of both of their asses.

At least Mario is safe.

04:16 PM - 07/11/2012

The topic: I’ve been having computer problems

the past month. I was having a hard time getting the computer to turn on. So, instead of shutting down at night, I just put it in sleep mode.

Then Sunday morning, it was deader than a doornail. I did some research and found that it was most likely the power supply.  I ordered one off of NewEgg (the old one was 300W, the new one 500W so I’ve got plenty of power) and it got here yesterday morning. I installed it yesterday afternoon.  Lots of cables and connectors, I was pretty nervous that I was going to blow it up.  The connectors weren’t labeled like the original and I called the manufacturer.  I told him I was afraid I’d kill the computer and he said he’d take responsibility.

I was shaking after I had everything attached and I turned it on. Would it start?  It sure did!

While I was waiting for the new power supply, I figured I’d install the new memory card reader I got off of eBay last year. Brian had to trim a piece from the cover for the old reader that came with the computer and I got the new reader installed.  The new reader reads SDHC cards, the old one didn’t.  I had to use an adaptor.  Unfortunately, once the computer was up and running, I kept getting a “no disk” error message.  Back to Google where one fix was to reassign drive letters.  That did the trick, my new card reader works like a charm.

Then this morning it wouldn’t start up.  I’m sure the power switch is going out on it, I found a new one (lots of refurbished switches out there) and I ordered it. It should be here by this time next week. It will be a piece of cake to replace.

Oh, and this morning I tried to get the computer to recognize my Canon Elura again.  When I plug it in to the firewire plug, the computer says it needs a driver, but it shouldn’t. Did some Google searches and came up with a couple of ideas.  The first one was to uninstall the current driver (one of those driver update programs advised updating it, I did and it hadn’t worked since).  Then reboot the computer. When it started up, it “found new hardware” and installed a Windows driver. I connected my camcorder and it works!  No more downloading to a different computer, then transferring to my computer. Woohoo!

      Tuesday, July 17, 2012

09:03 AM - 07/17/2012

The topic: DaNiece was restless last night

It was really bad, she just wouldn’t calm down. She paced and cried for over an hour. She finally settled down next to Brian on the sofa.

Early this morning, I let the cats out, I hold the door open for them so that Mario didn’t join them (since he won’t go out in the daylight when I’m up, I’m not letting him out when it’s dark and we’re not up).  When I went back to bed, two cats were up in the window, watching something intently.  I got the flashlight, stood on the bed and looked out. I saw a possum. No big deal.

This morning, the first thing I did when I got dressed was went outside to see where the possum had been last night. There was a bunny carcass.

Fracking coyotes.

Brian cleaned it up (trash day is today) and said that you could see blood in the street. I think a car hit the bunny and a coyote brought it down into our yard.

Still hate coyotes.

I think DaNiece was aware of the entire thing and it upset her greatly. She’s okay this morning.

      Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10:13 AM - 07/31/2012

The topic: Sometime in the next week or so

the catcams will be down. I’m not sure for how long.

We bought Brian a new computer and I want to keep the catcam and weather station on his current computer. So, I’ll be moving it to where the computer is that runs the other cameras. I’ll be adding those cameras to his old computer.  Since his old computer is on the UPS system, I’ll have to fuss with that.

And I’ll have to add the software for the cameras that are on the computer that shuts down at night.


I’m not looking forward to it, but it will be nice if his new computer runs faster (it’s better than any of mine) and he quits complaining. Well, if he quits complaining so much. (Which is why he got a new computer, he didn’t want one, but it’s gotten so bad with the old one, I’d shut down and leave the office if he was back here.)

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