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      Tuesday, November 01, 2005

09:03 AM - 11/01/2005

The topic: First decent night’s sleep in weeks

And then, this morning, at 2:45, some asswipe driving down the street hit something.  Made a lot of noise.

Woke up, heart pounding.  We both jumped out of bed and I threw on my robe, Brian got into his sweatpants and shirt.  I grabbed the flashlight and was out the door ahead of him and he cautioned me to be careful.

We saw nothing around the yard, so walked up to the end of the driveway.  Across the street, one house up, there was trash all over the street.  Someone ran into their trash.  Four or five large plastic trashcans.  They were all pushed at least twenty five feet and there was garbage strewn all over their lawn and the street.

We kind of figured it was some drunk, coming over the hill.  We came back inside and got back into bed.  Brian heard people talking and we looked out the window.  Saw one of the neighbor’s walking back down to his house.

This morning, when Brian was putting the dumpster out, he spoke with this guy.  It would seem that the hitting of the trashcans was a deliberate thing.  While he was out speaking with the woman across the street, a Ranger started down the street, saw them in the middle of it talking, and turned around on a side street.  They saw the truck drive off up the hill, then heard it hit more trash cans somewhere on the other side of the hill.



It took me over an hour to get back to sleep.

11:35 AM - 11/01/2005

The topic: Poor Handsome.

I think he’s doing a little better, but he’s still pretty punky.

I called the vet this morning to find out if there’s anything that can be done.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s no longer a congestion problem, but it’s his throat.  The vet warned me there could be a problem there.  His throat is just really sore.

I think the fluids I gave him yesterday did help.  And I started giving him the l-Lysine again to help boost his immune system.  I got some tablets at CostCo, 500mg each.  I had split them and was giving him a half twice a day, but he just kept spitting them out.  And I can understand why, they’re very rough where they were split. So, this morning I found my bag of bigger gelcaps and crushed one of the halves and put it in the gelcap.  Then I found the pillpopper the vet gave me years ago and grabbed Handsome, put the popper in his mouth, pushed the plunger and the l-Lysine was gone in no time.

I spent the next hour crushing l-Lysine tabs and funneling them into a gelcap.  And I have to remember to use the popper.  On the right side of his mouth, he’s got at least one tooth that’s very ragged and everytime I have to pill him for a while, I end up getting a scrape on my right index finger that gets a little infected.  I’ve got a bump there right now that I have to squeeze. 

He still hasn’t eaten that I know of.  I tested him this morning with my bowl of cereal and he showed some interest.  I went into the pantry and opened a can of goat’s milk and he lapped up a fair amount, so that’s good. And I did see him drinking from the fountain again on the patio.

I also started giving him the homeopath ferrum phos.  That’s always seemed to help the other kitties in the past, especially when they have upset tummies.  Handsome has thrown up a couple of times, but it’s just foam.  From his throat, I guess.  He climbed up onto my lap last night and hacked up a bunch. I had to change clothes. 

Last night he spent the night on Brian’s recliner.  I covered him up with a blanket and he didn’t seem to mind.  He is sleeping a little more, which is good.  I think he’s so uncomfortable because of his throat, that he just can ‘t sleep when he’s having one of these episodes.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully have more ammo in my arsenal later today.

      Tuesday, November 08, 2005

12:03 PM - 11/08/2005

The topic: Ding, dong, the fish is dead!

Fish oh fish oh the icky fish, ding dong the icky fish is dead!  He’s gone where dead fishies go, the trash, the trash,  the trash oh! Ding dong, the fish is dead, the fish oh fish oh the icky fish….

Yep, last Wednesday I saw it going belly up.  Thursday it was dead.  Thursday afternoon, it was removed to the dumpster in front of our garage.  And I added water to the murky tank and put in clean filters and fixed the underwater gravel.  And I let it run. 

Saturday I decided it looked clean enough and I hopped in my little Escape and putt putted my way down to the local Petsmart (don’t much care for the fish departments at the local Petcos) and bought me some new fish.  Ten neon tetras, five white cloud tetras and ten blue finned danios or some such thing.  Got some fish food, some cat toys (hey, it’s not a trip to the pet store without buying something for the fur faces; granted, the fishies were for Sammy, but you just have to get something that all of them might possibly enjoy), signed up for their club and saved ten bucks on the fishies. (Speaking of which, they neglected to charge me for the white clouds and it’s been bugging me ever since I realized this. The receipt has been sitting on my desk and I finally called them up and told them.  I was told that officially, they request that I come back in and pay for what I got.  But unofficially, just figure if any of the fish I didn’t get charged for don’t live, I can’t go in and get a free replacement.  She told me “we won’t miss them”.  *lol*  I told her I was just nervous about Karma getting me back.  She laughed.  I wasn’t being funny, I was being serious, Karma scares the hell out of me. Well, at least I made the call, and I didn’t really expect all twenty-five fish to make it.  They never seem to, anyway. If they do, then I’ll figure Karma isn’t too upset.)

Came home, put the bag with the twenty-five fishies in the water and let it set for about a half hour, then I released them.  The first day they hung out in seperate groups, danios at the top and tetras at the bottom, but now they know it’s safe to use the full tank.

Surprisingly, Sammy isn’t as enthusiastic as I thought he’d be.


Sammy, before I brought in the new fish.  He hasn’t visited the tank since.

12:44 PM - 11/08/2005

The topic: More about the Handsome cat

He’s doing much, much better.  Last week, I called the vet’s office about his problem and made arrangements to get more fluids and some amoxicillan and prednisone refills.

When I went in Tuesday afternoon, armed with a very full heavy bag of fun sized candy bars (M&Ms, Twix, 3 Muskateers, Snickers and Milky Way, it just broke my heart to rid the house of this wonderful candy, but if I kept it here and kept eating it, I’d be in danger of breaking the furniture).  I got everything I’d asked for, as well as a bottle of clindamycin drops. 

Which, within days, it became obvious I should have done this much, much earlier.  His recovery from his latest cold was apparent.  And, although he’s drooling still and he threw up last night (which I’m sure Pepcid will help), he’s feeling better.  He’s sleeping much sounder and longer (more comfortable because he can breathe) and he’s starting to come around for attention. 

And he’s back to begging in the kitchen when we’re in there preparing something to eat.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, there’s Handsome waiting for a crumb to drop.

I’ve taken a few pictures of him over the past week.

This is the foam he’d been puking up for days and days:


I can’t tell you how happy I was to see him finally drinking something.


Early Sunday, when I got up, I did a kittycat headcount.  I was short one kittycat. 

Ah, I found him.


I covered him back up and he slept for hours, all covered and cozy.

I’m so glad he’s doing better and you can bet from now on, if his colds don’t clear up quickly, he’ll be getting his prescription from the vet in a much more timely manner.

01:01 PM - 11/08/2005

The topic: Lost tooth

I found the owner today.  It wasn’t Handsome at all. 

It was Bart.  His right bottom canine.


I noticed this this morning when I gave him an amoxicillan, which seems to help his funky eye.  His breath doesn’t smell weird (any weirder than cat breath normally smells) and it didn’t seem to bother him.  The tooth itself obviously came from farther down that you can see in this picture, so it’s most likely healing over.


Lovely.  Just lovely.

01:13 PM - 11/08/2005

The topic: So, I’m sitting here last week,

picking my nose and Brian calls. 

“Go ahead and order a computer for the shop.”

Okay.  Why now, when you always tell me “no” when I suggest you get one for the shop?  You know, when you call home and want me to research something for you?  (Ever try looking up something for someone else and you don’t know what the hell you’re looking for?  It can be a little annoying.)

I ordered him the cheapest Dell since it’s just going to be for internet.  “Oh, and I need a flat monitor here, I don’t have much room.”  I look at the Dell website.  Upgrade is $110 for the 15 inch, $160 for the 17 inch.  I call him back and ask which one he wants.

Of course, he wants the 17 inch.  Why did I even call?

Then I call SBC, who carries his phone service at the shop.  They’ll ship the modem to the home address, his DSL should be turned on today. 

But there’s no modem here at home.  I call them.  They say we should already have it. We don’t.  I find out they can only ship to the shop.  Excuse me, but there’s usually no one at the shop.  Nobody will be at the shop to accept delivery, it has to be here at home.  “Sorry, we can’t do that, we can only ship to where the service is”.  You can’t ship it to the billing address?  The place you send the invoices that I pay?  Argh. 

I’m finally put through to a different department and end up on a conference call with UPS.  They’ve already tried delivering the modem once, today will be the second try. 

Anyway, the computer got here yesterday.  The modem should be here tomorrow. And this weekend, I’ll get it up and running at the shop, as well as installing Roboform and TrendMicro security.

And I’ll have to show him how to power it up and down.  For those of you who don’t understand these technical terms, that means show him how to turn it off and on.  (I had a hell of a time understanding what a tech wanted me to do once when my router wasn’t working.  He told me to power it down.  I sat here for a few minutes, examining the router case.  So, I asked him to clarify.  He explained meant “pull the plug from the wall”.  Well, why didn’t you just say that in the first place?  Duh.)


      Thursday, November 10, 2005

09:52 AM - 11/10/2005

The topic: Woohoo!

It’s raining, it’s raining!  I love it when it’s raining!

Gonna go finish muh coffee, take a shower, then sit in my rocking chair and do some reading.  I’ve got tons of hardcover Stephen King books that I’ve bought over the years that I never read, as well as the John Nichols trilogy that includes the Milagro Beanfield War, the Nirvana Blues and the Magic Journey.  I’ve read the Milagro Beanfield War a couple of times and it always tickles me, so I’ll be tackling the other two when I finish my current book.  Maybe.

Before the internet I was a prolific reader and I miss reading, I really do. 

I started the “Black House” a few years ago and just last week picked it back up and started over from the beginning.  I like it. 

And I’m also getting back into cooking.  I cleaned out the cupboards in the kitchen that I had cookbooks and recipes in, made them all neat and changed out the cookbooks I’ve never opened with ones I’m more likely to use (like the canned soup cookbooks and the crockpot cookbooks). 

I’m also busy replacing some of my small appliances.  I used to store them in the pantry, but something weird happened in there, I don’t know exactly what it was, I know a can of tomato sauce exploded a few years back, but whatever happened, all of the blades on my processor oxidized and no way, no how did I intend on using those ever again.  So, I dumped them when I did the cleaning in September. 

I got away from cooking because I didn’t like the cleanup, but you know, now that I’m older, cleanup doesn’t seem to take so long as it used to.  And a clean kitchen is much more inviting than a kitchen with dishes stacked in the sink.

Oh, the wonders of age.  And the internet.  *lol* 

I’ve been after Brian to get some new flannel shirts.  Most of the ones he has have arms that are too short now.  They barely fit when he got them (for cheap, I think some of them came from WalMart) and now, after many washings and a little weight gain on his part, he looks like a nine year old boy, wearing a six year old’s shirt. 

Last night, after I did the dinner dishes (barbequed chicken (crockpot style), barbeque beans (canned style) and cornbread (from a mix)) I came back to the office to find him shopping for clothes at Duluth Trading Company.  We got him checked out (he thought he’d registered with them before, but it wasn’t so) and I saw the total.  I just laughed.

I sat down at my computer and started shutting it down.  I said “you know, it’s really easy to spend a lot of money when you don’t have to carry all the stuff you buy…shopping online is just too darned easy”.  Those shopping carts can get filled up mighty fast.  “Oh, I want one of those and one of those and I absolutely have to have one of these….”

He agreed.


      Tuesday, November 15, 2005

04:31 PM - 11/15/2005

The topic: We’re here!

We’re alive and kicking!

I’m still fighting the cold I brought home last month.  My throat still bugs me.  I’d say I’m about 90% of normal.  Tired, though.

And, like Brian said last Sunday, it’s harder and harder for us to get back into some sort of normal schedule.  I know our colds certainly didn’t help much this year.

Yesterday, I dusted and vacuumed for the first time since before we left in October.  I got a new vacuum a couple of weeks ago.  One that’s supposed to be great on tile and hardwood floors.  It’s a Eureka and I have to say I do like it, although the tools aren’t as good as the old one. Which is gone now, Brian took it to the shop.

I finished “The Black House” this afternoon.

We went to the chiropractor’s yesterday afternoon, had a nice Mexican dinner (way too much food, I couldn’t finish and I had my plate taken away so I didn’t sit there and pick at it), then went to CostCo.

It’s hot today, this morning we were warned by the local weatherwoman that we might have record highs.  I had to go to the bank and I did the temperature gauge in the car and it was 91? in the drive through line.  I was glad I’d vacuumed and dusted yesterday.

I’ve done a bunch of laundry, but haven’t put it away.  Right now, the pile is about to my chest (I’ve got the basket in the exercise room).  And the machines are still going.  I’ve probably got two more loads and then I’ll be caught up actually washing, but then I have to fold and put away.  As well as iron Brian’s flannel shirts.  It’s that time of the year again.

Last Friday, Brian took me with him on his trip up to Inglewood to pick up metal.  And he dropped me off at Disneyland.  For the first time in my life, I did a theme park alone.  He did join me later after he’d gotten his work done and he was pretty crabby.  He hadn’t eaten since breakfast and at one point, over in DCA waiting for food, I found myself thinking I was having a better time without him there.  But once he got something in his belly (he had the vegetarian chili), he was in a much better mood.  He didn’t get to go on any rides, I got to go on three.  He kind of didn’t want to leave when the sun went down, but I only gave DeeJay a third of his fluids before we left. And the cats were still outside.  I wanted to get them in. Maybe if they’d been in, I might have been more open to staying later. 

But the place was so crowded.  They actually stopped letting people into Disneyland at one point (Brian couldn’t get in when he first got there).  I guess after he got in, they stopped letting people in a couple of more times.  One reason it was busy on a weekday was it was a holiday. Veteran’s Day.

And I’ve been spending way too much money online.  I’m in the process of replacing all of my small kitchen appliances.  I got rid of my food processor earlier this year (I got rid of a lot of things that I’d stored in the pantry; there was some sort of canned food explosion at one point, a big can of tomato stuff and many of the appliances got oxidized pretty badly, to the point there was no way I’d use them, imagining little flakes of rust and metal in my batter and dough and what have you) and I decided I wanted to replace that, then I got a new mixmaster, then I got a new food saver (that after seeing some round steak we bought back in September all freezer burned after just two months in the freezer), a new ice cream maker, some new blades for the food processor.  I’m really excited about the new stuff and I wish it weren’t so darned hot.  The kitchen is a miserable place in the heat.

I also found some nice threader earrings over on eBay and looked at them and figured “hey, I can make those!”  Yeah, if I had the right stuff, so I found the right stuff.  I’m waiting for the final delivery, then I’ll start making some of my own designs (as well as copying the ones I saw there). 

I’m also going to start selling buttons over on lvdesigns.  The kind of buttons with snarky sayings on them.  I’ve already got some in mind.  The “no whining” ones I made for the October Disney trip were pretty fun, so I think I’ll go with stuff along those lines.  Now, if I can only make myself get busy and do it.

I’ve been having some computer issues, too.  Mostly with the Gateway, the computer that runs the cameras.  I did a bunch of cleaning out of old files and stuff (check out ccleaner.com...I got rid of over 191MB of garbage on the Dell…and it’s free!).  And I found a software that you can set to have your computer automatically shut down.  I thought “what a good idea for when I’m not home”.  I’ve always hated having the camera computer running when it’s dark and nothing shows up.  I got that set up, then configured my cuteftp to automatically upload the “camera offline” images and now I don’t have to worry about doing manually.  That’s nice.

There are still a few problems with it, like the computer freezing for no obvious reason (what am I saying, the reason is obvious, the reason is my virus scanner, it always freezes that computer, if I disable it upon start up, I rarely have problems).

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I have more laundry to do.

      Wednesday, November 16, 2005

07:35 AM - 11/16/2005

The topic: Thanksgiving will be at our house

This year, we’ll be eating right here at home.  Brian kind of wanted to see if we might be invited to his mom’s, since my sister-in-law actually called here and carried on a conversation with me last month, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

Three years ago, I think it was, I cooked for myself.  Brian and his mom were visiting his brother and sister-in-law in Colorado.  The next year, Brian and I were in Colorado.  Last year, we ate at Disneyland.

The Colorado dinner was good, but it wasn’t traditional (in other words, it was a healthy meal).  The dinner last year at Disneyland, the Riverbelle Terrace version, was horrible, just awful.  Not even close to traditional.  Well, there was turkey….*lol*

So, this year, I’ll make dinner.  Brian said he thought it was an awful lot of work.  I don’t care, every once in a while I’d like a traditional dinner.  So, this year, I’m going for it.

And I think I’ll invite my mom.  Brian will pick her up and take her home so she doesn’t have to worry about driving home in the dark.

I started working on my grocery list this morning.  I almost forgot to put turkey on it.  smilie_lol

I’m gonna make mashed potatoes and sweet potaytuhs with marshmallows on top.  I’m gonna make pumpkin pies (store bought crusts, though, it’s been a long time since I made a pie and I don’t want to get too frustrated rolling out the dough).  I’m going to use my ice cream maker and make vanilla bean ice cream (I bought a vanilla bean last week, that sucker was over six bucks for one!). I’m going to have creamed peas and green bean casserole.  I’m going to use my breadmaker and make my own dinner rolls.  I’m going to make gravy from the drippings.

I told Brian this morning that I can make a bunch of the stuff early in the day and just keep it warm in crockpots.  I’ve certainly got enough of them.

We’ll use our good china and our good flatware.  I might even buy some decorations.

This is gonna be nice.  Lots of food and lots and lots of leftovers.  Yum. 

Brian said he might just work on his tractor that day.  So he’ll be home.  And I said “yeah, and you’ll get to smell all the cooking smells!”

The cats will be loving it.  They like turkey.  Some of them have never had a homecooked turkey.  Won’t they be pleasantly surprised?


10:32 AM - 11/16/2005

The topic: Sucky timing (a rant)

Okay, so I’m restocking the kitchen appliances.  I don’t feel real guilty about doing this because:

  • 1. we’ve got the money

  • 2. my original stuff is fifteen or more years old

  • 3. I won’t have to think about replacing it when we move

Well, I get a new Cuisinart Food Processor over on Amazon.  For $99.99.  Good price, free shipping, that’s cool.  Then I notice they’ve got a rebate.  I check it out.  If you get $150.00 worth of Cuisinart stuff from Amazon, you get a free $40 value mini chopper.  I can handle a free $40 mini chopper.  That’s cool.

So, I order a blade holder and additional blades.  Oops, everything has to be bought from Amazon, not a third party seller.  The additional blades were from a third party seller.  Hmmm… what to do, what to do.  I look at what other Cuisinart stuff they have.

Ah, look, an ice cream maker that doesn’t need ice or salt or anything like that.  $49.95.  Good price.  I’m cool with that.  I order it. 

It gets here.  I cut out all of the UPC symbols from the bottoms of the boxes.  I copy the invoices for my records and fold up the originals to send back with the rebate form.  I fill out the rebate form.

Curious, I look up this $40 value free mini chopper I’m getting.  I look on Amazon. WTF!  Amazon sells this “$40.00 value” mini chopper for $19.99.  List price is $24.99.  So, how did they come up with a “$40.00 value”, is what I’d like to know. (By the way, I just couldn’t resist printing out the mini chopper page from the Amazon website, and highlighting the actual price.  And on the rebate form, I highlighted the “$40.00 value!” and wrote to the side of it “LIARS”.)


So, this morning, I’m dorking around, really should just walk away from this cooking stuff, right?  I mean, I’ve only got so much room.  But I thought “an extra bowl for the ice cream maker would be nice to have”.  Since the bowl has to be frozen before you can make ice cream.  You make one batch, it could be at least a day before you can make another.  I do a search.  Go over to cooking.com.  I see that if you buy a Cuisinart ice cream maker from them (for the same price as the one at Amazon) they’ll throw in a $29.99 value extra bowl!  ARGH!!!  I do a quick search online.  That $29.99 value is indeed a $29.99 value.  NOT a $40.00 value that’s really a $19.99 value.

Timing man.  It’s all in the timing.

I ordered the extra bowl anyway. 

Oh, yeah, and Amazon owes me two mini choppers to get me up to that “$40.00 value!”.


      Friday, November 18, 2005

10:24 AM - 11/18/2005

The topic: Friday cat blogging

Yesterday, we had a little nip party on the patio.  I broadcast the party live, via the occasional cam

Little Annie, though, our grand dame kitty cat, doesn’t go outside very often.  And she loves the nip.  So, she got her own little pile on her blanket on my desk in the office.  And she enjoyed it immensely and had a lovely nap afterwards.



Don’t forget, you can often watch our volunteer feeding the cats each evening, live on the occasional cam, between 4:45 and 5:10 PST.

Be sure to visit The Modulater’s Friday Ark for more Friday cat related blogging (and it’s not just cats, but cats rule).

This Sunday’s Carnival of Cats is being hosted at Scribblings (something our cats do against the walls with yellow water colors).  Stay tuned.

      Sunday, November 20, 2005

06:19 AM - 11/20/2005

The topic: Help in the kitchen

I’ve mentioned in the past the vast amount of kittycats who supervise when I make Brian’s lunch.  This is especially so when the sandwich contains some sort of protein product other than peanut butter.  You know, like roast beef, turkey, or tuna. 

I’ve also mentioned how poorly Handsome had been feeling the previous month until I wised up and got him some real medication from the vet.  And how he started perking up a couple of days after he started getting it.

Handsome is the most aggressive of all of the supervisors.  He makes it abundantly clear that he wants to make sure that Brian is getting the best lunch I can make.  He even demands to test the protein source from which the meat in the sandwich comes, as you can see for yourself in this little home movie I made (if you have a problem viewing this movie using Internet Explorer, try viewing it using Netscape; I made it with the latest version of Apple’s QuickTime and it seems there’s a bug in the software).



When I showed this to Brian, he expressed concern for my fingers.  Not to worry.  I know when to let go.


      Wednesday, November 23, 2005

01:42 PM - 11/23/2005

The topic: “Ask the cats”

Laurence Simon is running an “Ask the cats” about holiday travel.  I’ve entered a couple of photos and captions.  Go check it out, it’s pretty fun.

We’re just kicking back right now, me and the kitties, but I expect it will get busy right about the time I go into the kitchen and start making ice cream.  I was a little nervous about the expiration date on one of the cartons of heavy cream and dumped it down the drain.  A little ended up around the drain and surprise, surprise, it’s all gone!

Let’s bet on who’s going to have the runs.

      Thursday, November 24, 2005

09:56 AM - 11/24/2005

The topic: Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, got up bright and early this morning, had a most excellent night’s sleep, the best in a week or so.  I think that might be because I finally got my woman parts checked yesterday.  I’d been nervous about this, not because of the checkup, but the doctor didn’t really thrill me last year.  He pushed so hard on my abdomen when pushing up from the inside checking for lumps that didn’t belong that I was sore for days.  I swear my innards were bruised.  Anyway, it went pretty smoothly, nothing hurt, and we talked about property values.  *lol*  It was a huge relief to get it over with. 

Yesterday, I started to get everything together for today’s dinner.  I made the sweet potato casserole and the green bean casserole last night.

I got the custard ready for the vanilla bean ice cream and I did the ice cream maker thing this morning and it’s in the freezer.  Right now, I’ve got peppermint candy ice cream in the maker and will shortly be putting it in a bowl for the freezer.

The pumpkin pies are in the oven as we speak.  They should be ready soon.  When I get those pulled out, I’ll start the stuffing for the turkey and when that’s cooked, I’ll bring the turkey in and pull the giblets out and put the stuffing in.  I’ll do a sage rub, I think, then put the turkey in the oven and start waiting for the house to be filled with the fragrance of a turkey roasting in the oven.  Yum!

Then I’ll have a couple of hours when I don’t have anything on my cooking schedule.  I can do a little housecleaning, picking up, litter boxes and take my shower.

Then, around two, I’ll start my bread machine to make rolls (I pulled my crescent rolls out of the freezer and read the instructions this morning; the instructions say “do not freeze”....heh….trash) and while they’re rising, I’ll make the mashed potatoes and creamed peas.  When those are done, I’ll transfer them over to crockpots and keep them on the “warm” setting.

Around four, I’ll pull the bird from the oven,  put the two casseroles in (they haven’t cooked yet) and right before Brian starts to slice the turkey, I’ll put in the rolls to cook.

Doesn’t it sound so good?  This will be the first Thanksgiving for a few of the cats and I’m sure they’ll like it, too.  I think I need to get three spray water bottles, though, so we can all eat in peace.  jesterA

Have a great day!

02:20 PM - 11/24/2005

The topic: Preparation update

Well, the stuffed bird is in the oven, over halfway done.  The pies are cooling, the ice cream is freezing.

The kitchen has been cleaned up, the litter in the litter boxes has been sifted and the clumps dumped, the floor swept, the furniture dusted. I cleaned my bathroom, the door is shut right now so that the floor can dry without any help from kittycats.

I’ve done a couple of loads of laundry and right now, I’m going to change my shirt and put the makings for the rolls in the breadmaker.

Then, I’ll shower.

Once I’m all clean and pretty, I’ll head back to the kitchen and peel potatoes and start the peas.  That shouldn’t take long.  I think after the rolls are rising, it will be downhill the rest of the way.

We bought a new tablecloth and placemats and napkins for the occasion.  Oh, yeah, and new chair pads, that match. 

Just think, in another six hours, you’d never know there’d been anything special.  Well, maybe. I’ve got a bottle of champagne chilling for when it’s all done.

      Sunday, November 27, 2005

04:37 PM - 11/27/2005

The topic: Stuff Handsome eats

So, this afternoon, the DH mentions that he’s hungry and “what are you going to get me?” 

So, I get up, go into the kitchen, get out the homemade rolls I made, leftover turkey, cheese, mayo and mustard.  I set out two plates, sliced the five rolls and put them out assembly line style and made five little turkey and cheese sandwiches.  Of course, I had a couple of beggars in the kitchen, Handsome being front and center.

I ignored them all. 

I put three of the little sandwiches on one plate, two on the other and came back into the office and set the plate with three next to my husband’s keyboard.  Which was in front of the chair the cats use to climb up onto the desk.  Bad move on my part.

Handsome followed me in.  I saw him get up on the chair.  I told Brian “You’d better watch him!” and before I’d finished my warning, Handsome had taken the top piece of bread, along with the piece of cheese stuck to it, off and was on the floor eating. 

I captured part of this on camera.


Handsome starts munching out


What was left of the sandwich


DH halfway through his first sandwich


Most of the bread gone, Handsome starts on the cheese, growling a warning to all cats who get too close


The cheese is a little harder to eat, since it’s stuck to the floor


To top off a nice snack, some homemade peppermint ice cream


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      Monday, November 28, 2005

07:40 AM - 11/28/2005

The topic: Way cool!

I noticed that over at the isfullofcrap.com photo gallery, our very own Handsome is the kitty cat model for the “Ask The Cats” area of the gallery.

I always knew he had star quality.


09:26 AM - 11/28/2005

The topic: Stuff Handsome won’t eat
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