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      Wednesday, August 30, 2023

02:16 PM - 08/30/2023

The topic: Latest Charlie news


Charlie had some sort of episode this past weekend. Most likely Saturday night/Sunday morning. He wasn't in his regular spot Sunday morning and there were places in the house that looked like some kitty was trying to climb (things knocked over).

He finally came out and looked like he always did. I was a little concerned, but not overly. Monday was a whole 'nother kettle of fish. I couldn't find him for hours in the morning, and when I did, he was all over the place. Pacing, nervous, even a little disoriented. His breathing was double what it should have been, his ears were on fire and have been very sensitive, as were his paw pads.

He settled down in the living room and I kept checking on him. At one point he was in the litter box, lying on his side (images of Chloe flew through my mind). I picked him out of there, set him down, and he quickly walked away. I followed him.

He tried to jump up onto the sofas and couldn't. I helped him up and he actually cuddled up next to me. He has never done this the entire time we've had him. When I'd try to move him, his body just vibrated. That's the only word I can think of that fits.

Very concerned at this point, I called the vet. There was only one doctor in and he was booked but would fit us in just to see if it was enough of an emergency to take him to an ER. Or we could do a drop-off the next day (Tuesday). We decided on the drop-off (which we hate doing) with the owner of the clinic. He WAS still eating and drinking, with no mouth breathing. Positive signs. If things got worse, then we would have headed off to the emergency clinic.

I got one of the cold packs we have for muscle problems, wrapped a towel around it, and placed it next to me on the sofa when he gave me enough room. I wiped him down with a wet cloth to help him cool down. He would stay there for a while, then move.

I stayed with him overnight (this hot weather certainly didn't help).

Tuesday morning, he was doing much better. His ears and pads were no longer hot and his breathing was normal. I called the vet to cancel the drop-off and asked to make an appointment. The receptionist said his vet (the clinic owner) was booked, but maybe they could do something for us. And yes, an appointment was made for this morning at ten.

He did have a fair-sized poop and as many of us know, texture and hardness mean something. Of course, I had to squeeze. The first little pebble was hard, but then things got better. I think he may have a problem with constipation. Another thing I mentioned to the vet.

When they took Charlie into the back for bloodwork, we heard horrible cat screams. It was heartbreaking. Then it happened a second time and Brian put his head in his hands and I thought he was going to cry.
Then a few minutes later they brought Charlie back into the examining room.

Something was said about the screaming. "Oh, that wasn't Charlie, he was no trouble at all. He was really sweet. We have two other cats who won't let us take them out of the cage. They've attacked a few of us.

"We haven't even touched them.

Talk about a wave of relief washing over us.

Bloodwork was done, and most of his values had gotten a tiny bit better since May. There was no problem with his ears (she cleaned them just in case), but she was concerned with the possibility that he may have a problem with blood clotting in the future. So, Brian just left to pick up a blood thinner (as a preventative measure). She felt that his bloodwork showed that this wouldn't be a problem for him.

So, still on the phosphate binder (the only value that went up, we'd stopped that when he quit eating). Lactulose for the stool issue. Since he's eating again, we can cut back on the subQs to twice a week instead of every day. And the blood thinner.

Oh, and he gained almost a pound (6.3 to 7.2) in the two weeks since we took him in for his teeth. She was really happy with that.

So, how has your week been?

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