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      Tuesday, March 28, 2023

07:33 AM - 03/28/2023

The topic: The past couple of weeks have sure tried my patience.


Major laptop problems. The Windows software for security (Windows Defender) uses up a ton of resources and slows down the computer. Not so bad on the PC, but the laptop?  At times it uses almost thirty percent of what's available.

And my router comes with built in security. Okay, great.

The thing with Defender is you. Can. Not. Disable. Or. Remove. It.

The only way to make it stop is by installing a third party software. I spent hours looking for one, finally settled on the one that used the least resources, next to Kaspersky, the one which has a very strong warning not to use because Russia. Kaspersky is supposed to be one of the best and this was pretty disheartening. So, I went with another that shall not be named. (TotalAV - there, I named it.)

It wouldn't install properly. I was beyond frustrated. Trying to get it to install, I ended up really screwing up the laptop. It got to the point where I was "to hell with it" and deleted it. Asked for a refund (only $29 for a year on three systems), but I was salty and have no further intention of using it. I was told "okay, we won't renew the account in a year". No, I want my money back now. I hadn't had it for even a week, I want the money back. It took more back and forths than it should have, I finally pointed out a website that said it was a great software, but wasn't right for them and they got all of their money back without a problem. Said "maybe I should ask these people how they did it".

Money refunded.

Anyway, I couldn't get my laptop to work properly, so I had to do a clean install of the operating system. And it's taken over a week to finally get it to where I'm ready to clone the damned thing in case this happens again. It really annoys how much time just waiting for things to move along wastes. A week and a half, gone.

Time to catch up. There's paperwork needs to be done.

The birdfeeder with the nest in it now has babies. Brian saw them the other day when we hadn't seen mom in it and he took it down to clean it up and put more birdseed in it. Three babies. No birdseed. Still only one feeder outside that's feeding these guys and it empties out quickly.

Cats have done well in the gopher field. Caught one of the Avenger boys chomping on remains last week and yesterday opened the bathroom door to find a small gopher head had been pushed under. Guess gopher heads are great hockey pucks.

More rain on the way. The trees are still thrilled. We got our water bill. We only used five units in a two month period. The bill is $86.24. $56.81 of that we have no choice, it's the baseline charge for having the meter. I like small water bills. Much nicer than the ones in the summer and fall that are over four hundred.

And that's about it. The laptop is doing a final refrag right now (Windows stores data in a random manner, like putting socks away; one in this drawer, the other in that drawer - defragging moves the data so that the socks are in the same drawer), then I'll clone do the clone to an external drive.

So, have a great day and if it's wet where you are? Stay dry.

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