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      Friday, December 20, 2019

08:11 AM - 12/20/2019

The topic: It’s been pretty cold here in the morning


And I don't want to leave the house for our morning walks. It's really hard for me to get out the door. Even though I'm always happy we went, it's so hard to get out that door.

So, Wednesday it was too cold. I didn't wanna go. Brian said "okay, but you will to Costco when I go shopping later...."  Oh. Kay.

But, we didn't go!

Yesterday morning, I was feeling a little light headed (it happens every so often in the morning, not sure if it's low blood sugar or being a little dehydrated). Anyway, we didn't go walking.

But we did go to Costco.

We (I) were (was) so bad. But, hey, it's the holiday season. When else can you get a four pack of different kinds of Almond Roca? Or this can of Starbucks Chocolately Cookie Straws? Or this fruitcake? The chocolate covered almonds are always there.

Yeah. I was bad. So, yesterday afternoon, I moved all of these (well, not the fruitcake, not yet) to the freezer in the garage. Good thing I defrosted it last month. Hopefully, they'll last well into next year.

The fruitcake (I love fruitcake with nuts, don't judge me) was kind of a disappointment. There was more fruit than cake. And the nuts were pecan halves on the top only, not chopped and in the cake. But that's okay, I'll survive. I plan on cutting it into single serving size pieces and using the Foodsaver to package the individual pieces and freeze them. Brian isn't a fan of fruitcake, so I need to do something with it (and no, putting it in the trash is NOT an option, so just keep that advice to yourself), besides eat it all week.


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07:17 AM - 12/20/2019

The topic: Sammy update


One of the reasons I haven't been posting is the time it takes to take care of Sammy.

He's supposed to get l-lysine, the imoquin (I think that's the name), both for his immune system, clavamox and famciclovir for the herpes virus. Add to that miralax for his constipation and subQ fluids to keep him hydrated and his stool not dried out. And let's not forget the Ursodiol for his liver. I've started mixing the miralax and l-lysine (not at the same time) in a cup, where I put the med in, use a 3mm syringe to drop hot water in and mix until the granules are melted. Then syringe up the mixture and administer it that way. Mixing with food doesn't guarantee he'll get it all since his appetite is off.

I wash his face every few hours, the drainage from the herpes ulcers can get pretty nasty. Crusty, bloody mess.

Last month, we saw that he was bleeding from his right nostril. This wasn't a good sign. Like so many medications to treat disease, they don't stop the progression, they just slow it down. And that's where my thoughts went. The herpes has spread.

That bleeding only happened for a week or so, but at this point, sometimes that side of his nose is runny and I can pick off a reddish crust with my only long fingernail (I keep it long for this reason, gently scraping goo off of his face).

He's having more problems walking. He has been diagnosed with arthritis in his knees, and I'm sure that's part of the problem, but I also wonder about his liver. Remember, his liver values got worse from the beginning of the year til we took him in for constipation and xrays were taken of his intestines and the vet noticed his liver was enlarged. That's when we started him on the miralax and fluids, because it was possible the enlarged liver was interfering with the travel of the feces through his system.

He's close to nineteen years old now. He's not getting better. And we know that before too long, we'll have to make that tough decision that most pet owners have to make. Start taking into consideration his quality of life.

He has been going outside in the day, to sit in the sun. He purrs for Brian almost every night (he crawls under the covers to sleep against Brian). He's eating kibble again. But he's turning his nose up at soft food and just yesterday said no thanks to a fresh can of people tuna.

So, now, we watch.

I hate this time.

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