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      Tuesday, December 17, 2019

06:37 AM - 12/17/2019
The current weather is it's cold outside

The topic: Earlier this year, our thermostat died


I figured it just needed a new battery. It took me a while to access the battery compartment, the darn thing just wouldn't pop open.

When I did, the battery had corroded. I put a new battery in, but the corrosion was pretty bad and the thermostat didn't show any life. It was to the point that I went online to find a replacement.

Looking through the offerings on Amazon, I realized I wasn't ready to give up on the one we had. I went into the kitchen, put a little baking soda on a wet q-tip. And I popped the battery compartment door open and put the paste on the corrosion. I also had a toothbrush and flat head screw driver. The screw driver was for scraping.

And, by golly, I got it up and running again. Yay me!

The thing is, in the summer, I'm so cheap (or money is so tight, read that any way you like), that I can't see running the air conditioner all day long.  I will run it when there's high humidity (over 70%) along with the high temperature, because you just can't breathe. One day I ran it one day and our bill jumped $30. (I watch our usage on a thing our utility company offers online.)  Yeah, just no. Plus, it's pretty noisy.

That being said, I never programmed it. It was either on or off. Well, we've had a few cold nights for the past week or so. We've had a bunch of rain the past thirty days and the clouds kept the earth heat in. But this past week it's been as clear as a bell and it's freaking COLD! Yesterday, I programmed the thermostat. On at 7:30 am (so it will be warm after we get back from our morning walk), daytime off at 10:30, back on at 7:00 pm, off at 8:30 (because we're both ready for bed - and I'm probably already under a blanket). I didn't set it really low for overnight, I figured the house never gets under 60°.  I had to play with the settings a little because I wasn't really paying close attention to what I was doing, but I went through the settings and had everything the way I wanted it.

So, this morning, it kicks on. We're still in bed. It's not even 5:30. What did I do wrong? I got up and turned it off. I turned on the light to see if I'd messed up the time or something. Nope. It was under 60° in the house. Yowza!

We keep the sliding door open in the living room so Little Bitty Dog can go out and pee at night. He decided he did not want to do this when we had the rains and made the living room floor his toilet of choice. We cleaned it up, but it was getting tiresome. Even though his previous owner had told me that he used to be good about pee pads, after a trip to the groomers, he'd quit going on them. I figured I'd try anyway and put down a couple where he was peeing. It worked. Yay!

And the rains stopped and things dried out, so he goes outside if the door is open.

Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to share how cold the house was this morning!  It's crazy cold for us. The thermometer that hangs on the outside of the shop (wireless, I can read it in the office) was 38°. I hope it doesn't get much colder, I worry about the avocado trees (which are LOADED with fruit).

I'll be honest. I'm not looking forward to our morning walk.

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