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      Saturday, October 19, 2019

03:57 PM - 10/19/2019

The topic: Introducing Jingles!


Click for a bigger photo

I made his tag with my Silhouette Curio. Our phone number is on the other side.

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01:29 PM - 10/19/2019

The topic: In late spring, I planted seeds


They were planted out front, in big pots. I planted Indigo tomato seeds, beefsteak tomato seeds and two kinds of bell pepper seeds.

The seeds started to sprout in the mid-June. But they didn't grow very much. Because they weren't getting much sun. Last month, Brian moved them to the backyard, where there was a lot more sun.

And the Indigos started to thrive. They blossomed. They were pollinated. And thit morning, I counted ten tomatoes! The beefsteak plants started to blossom this week, so hopefully, we'll have some of those as well. One of the pots with the pepper plants was empty one morning. I found the worm that ate the plants and sent it on to its maker. The other pepper plants are still growing, just not very fast.

What surprises me is the indigo plants. When we had them in the ground, at the side of the house, they didn't have near the fruit that they do now, even though they were bigger and had more room to grow.

The pots

The Indigos

More Indigos

Poor little beefsteak plants

The avocado trees are loaded!


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08:59 AM - 10/19/2019

The topic: Jingles is acclimating nicely


This morning I got a right complete face washing. First time since he's been here he was that thorough.

The first few days he was here, I slept on the loveseat, he was on the sofa. Around the end of the week, he wasn't as anxious about my whereabouts and I could leave the room when he was sleeping and he stayed put. So, I went back to bed.

I would hear him in the morning when we started to stir, his little name tag jingling when he walked. We've got his feeding schedule down and, until this morning, he'd never barked.

This morning's bark was brought to you by Charlie Ahole getting a little too close to the food bowl. There was the initial growling, then the barking. Charlie took note and Jingles ate in peace. What's funny is Jingles doesn't clean the bowl and it's got food in it for a while and the cats have absolutely no interest in it. Why they sit and watch him eat is beyond me. Rory does the same thing.

Silly cats.

We don't take him on our walks, he needs his own walk. He stops and sniffs and sniffs and sniffs and we'd never get home. At least not in a timely manner.

We love him.

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08:49 AM - 10/19/2019

The topic: Rachel update


I was remiss in the followup. In other words, I didn't do it.

She came through the dental fine. She had some really nasty things going on, crumbling molars, roots that were being reabsorbed, but that was all taken care of.

She's eating kibble again without any problems and is back to being her affectionate self. A lot more purring.

So, that's all good.

Bobby is also having problems, so we took him in on Wednesday. He would be eating and he'd yell in pain. Didn't matter what he was eating, kibble, treats or soft food, it would happen.

The vet found that on his left side, the gum area of his molars had pus. The other side wasn't as bad, but it still needs work. We'd taken him in a year ago September for similar problems, but nothing was done at that time.

He's an old cat at this point, so, once again, we're reluctant about anesthesia. The vet drew blood and started Bob on antibiotics for the infection (same thing Sammy gets). We made an appointment for this coming Wednesday for his dental. If the bloodwork came back bad, no surgery. But his bloodwork came back great, so he's going in on Wednesday to get his teeth all nice and purty and the bad ones extracted. The antibiotics are already helping.

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