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      Wednesday, October 02, 2019

07:55 AM - 10/02/2019

The topic: Rachel, the kitty


Rachel, Ross's sister, got to go to the vet on Monday.

She'd been showing signs of mouth problems and I called last week to get her in. The only thing she works at eating right now is tuna.

So, we took her in, she got bloodwork and ears cleaned out and a nail trim and is going back on Tuesday for a dental. It's been about a year and a half since she was last in and she's lost a couple of pounds. Her last trip was for a dental as well. The vet thinks she's healthy enough to be put under.

Her bloodwork showed moderate kidney disease. The vet called in a prescription for Calcitriol, which should be here tomorrow.

Poor little girl.

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07:47 AM - 10/02/2019

The topic: It started off slowly


You know when you accidentally look at something bright, then when you blink, you see that bright part?

That's how my migraines start. I have peripheral vision, but not in the center of my eye. And my memory gets a little weird. Things just go away. I can't think straight.

I got one yesterday morning. It wasn't all that bad as migraines go, but damn, it's scary when I can't remember things as simple as cat names. It started when I was making a little pot of coffee, the white, jagged spot in my vision. It didn't take very long to realize what it was.

The eye thing and memory thing were gone in less than an hour, but the headache hit. Not so bad that it hurt constantly (maybe taking the Exedrin migraine kept that at bay). I could focus and read, but damn, bending down or coughing were painful.

Feeling better this morning, but then I'm trying really hard not to cough. Man, I can't imagine having these on a regular basis. That has to be brutal.


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