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      Tuesday, April 10, 2018

10:16 AM - 04/10/2018

The topic: Back from the vet


Reception put a note on her chart that she's not used to people. So, here's the deal.

It is her mouth. She has such a tartar buildup on one side of her mouth, that her cheek is raw. The vet used a stick to look in her mouth, kept his fingers well away from the teeth. The note on her chart said "watch". He did.

She has at least one loose canine and, as far as he could see, some bad molars.

He said it didn't look like any cancer, but that he'd want to do pre-surgical bloodwork (which I expected). And then they'd put her under, take an x-ray to make sure there was nothing malicious in her mouth, then do the cleaning/tooth removal. I asked "are you going to take her bloodwork now?" He said "we can do it all today".

Yeah, I think maybe that "watch" note on her chart kind of put her to the head of the line and the less time she spends stressed, the better off she'll be. Now, just waiting on him to call with the bloodwork results.

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07:58 AM - 04/10/2018

The topic: Headed to the vet this morning


Rachel has had problems for a few months now, but was still able to eat. I could tell her mouth was bothering her, but held off doing anything as long as she was eating (after last year, I really would like to not spend so much time at the vet's office).

Sunday, I noticed she wasn't eating. She tried, but didn't eat. I gave her some watered down baby food and she tried a few laps, then looked sadly at the baby food and turned her head. Damn. I opened a can of people tuna (we buy people tuna for the cats just for such occasions).  She sniffed it, then turned away. Tuna juice wasn't enough to get her to try more than a lick.

I pulled out pieces of tuna and crumbled it in my fingers and set it in front of her. She took a nibble. Then another nibble. She ate tuna. She ate a goodly amount of tuna.

I gave her tuna yesterday morning, I gave her tuna yesterday night (she ate a half of a can in one sitting last night). I had lactated ringers in the microwave, heating, concerned she was dehydrated because she's not drinking. I didn't give her any.

Yesterday morning, I called the vet's office and made an appointment.  We're taking her in at 9:30.

This morning she was doing much better, she jumped up when I went into the office for the first time, rubbing against my hand and talking to me. She seemed well hydrated. Is she drinking?

She ate her fill of tuna, then laid down to sleep.

There has been minimal drooling and no obvious blood, and it's been troubling her long enough that I don't suspect cancer, just bad teeth. We'll find out soon.

She just turned fourteen last week. Her birthday was April 4, 2004. 4/4/4.


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