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      Monday, January 29, 2018

03:15 PM - 01/29/2018

The topic: And from earlier this month


I've mentioned the cards I made last year that I never uploaded pictures of.  Well, I still intend to do that, but I thought it might be nice to share what else I've done.

The card in these photos is from the SVGCuts kit Harvest Mail. It was pretty fun to put together. I liked the paper so much, I bought more! You never know when they'll discontinue the stuff you like.

And when I got my friend a gift card, I remembered a freebie gift card holder from Dreaming Tree.

I used the same paper as I used in the card above.

I modified this from the Dreaming Tree version. I removed the holly berrys and leaves and in their place, cut out "Happy Birthday". And under the cut outs, I placed gold foil cardstock, to tie it all in with the gold in the cardstock.

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01:01 PM - 01/29/2018

The topic: And we have pictures!


I mentioned having a couple of projects on the line way back on the 14th. Geez, it's been a long time. Anyway, last week I finally made them.

In between checking out the website a couple of times an hour, (which, thank goodness, looks to be fixed. As soon as I'm comfortable with it, I'll add back in the things I removed), I cut some card stock and glued it together to make some pretty cool items. I think they're cool, anyway.

The two on the sides are from SVGCuts, the name of the kit is Tea for You and Me.

The one in the middle is from Snapdragon Snippets Silhouette online store and the assembly instructions can be found here.

The SVGCut files are for the larger foil wrapped teabags. The Snapdragon Snippets dispenser holds the smaller Lipton type teabags.

For this one, I tweaked the strips on the bottom a little bit. I cut out two different colors and used an EK edge punch to get a lattice type design and placed that over the darker color.

Now, my only problem is where to put them so that the cats don't ruin them. Yeah, they mark everything. Right now, they're in a cupboard in the kitchen, behind closed doors.


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