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      Sunday, January 14, 2018

mrs. crankypants
03:09 PM - 01/14/2018

The topic: Are you serious? Really, Dianne?


So, in a previous entry I was crowing about having caught up with my paperwork.

And I undid that. Stupidly, carelessly, I screwed up.


See, I run Quickbooks on both my computer and the laptop. The computer is wired to the router. The laptop sends and receives data wirelessly. Well, last month, you may recall I had a problem with the repeater. Even though I'd posted I got it fixed, it wasn't. I had to get a new one.

I keep my QB files on a network hard drive, so I can access them from both the PC and the laptop. But when the repeater was having problems, the connection kept dropping from the laptop and I wasn't able to save them to the network drive. I tried, but that darned connection....

Last month, I set up those new accounts, entered those bank deposits, generated those invoices, did three months of reconciliation on the laptop. Because I have more room out here than in the office. It's nice to spread out. No biggie, right? Since the new repeater is working as it should, the data saved to the network drive. The way it was supposed to.

This past week, I generated invoices and set up new accounts and entered deposits on the PC.

Then I happened to notice that the PC Quickbooks file showed about thirty one thousand more dollars in the bank account than the laptop showed.


I thought about why this would happen. Why was there a difference...then it dawned on me. The files weren't saving to the same location.

Not even thinking this through, I found the file on the PC and copied it. And I pasted it to the network drive so that when I opened QB on the laptop, it would pull up that information.

But it was the wrong information. It was pre-new account set up, pre-bank deposits, pre-invoices, pre-reconciliation. Just like I did with the Eudora mail files last month, I overwrote everything. All the new accounts. All the bank deposits. All the invoices. All the reconciliations.


Once I quit running around, found my head and put it back on my neck, I checked the work directory for the company file on the laptop. And found a backup dated January 3, 2018. I restored that to the laptop and yay! All of the old stuff was there! All I had to do now was set up the accounts that have come in this year (only five) and regenerate the invoices (only eight).

Whew. What a mess. Thank goodness I backed up to a different location. That saved my butt, for sure.


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08:48 AM - 01/14/2018

The topic: My rememberer doesn’t remember so good


I did a little bit of paperwork yesterday morning, having gotten the 2018 files set up on Friday. Did a little more this morning. Can I keep up this pace? I dunno. Probably not. I'll get sidetracked....oooh...look!....shiny....

Yesterday afternoon, I thought that maybe I'd do an entry with the cards I made last year that I never shared. First thing was to find the photos I'd taken of them.

I look. And I look. Did I lose them when I changed over computers?  Whew, no, there they are. Wait. That's it? That's all I took?


Well, good thing I kept one of each. I'll take pictures today. Maybe. But this week for sure. There are some really sweet cards. Even the card from hell.

One of the things that happened last year was we got a new water dispenser. The old one was old (probably twenty years old) and the water tasted funny. Brian didn't notice so much as I did, I drink a lot of plain water. I thought it was the bottles I reused, but even after a thorough cleaning of the bottles, the taste was still off. We couldn't get to the tank on the water dispenser and I didn't feel right about pouring bleach in it to take care of any mold or mildew. Since it was so old, Brian said to get a new one, I did some research and came up with this one. More than I felt comfortable spending, but if we can get twenty years out of it? Yeah, okay, when I look at it like that, it's not so much.

It has hot and cold water available and we've been using the heck out of it. We bought flavored oatmeal packets, we're drinking more tea and hot chocolate, now that hot water is right there whenever we want it. Since we're using more teabags, I decided to make some holders for them. I'll use the one on the far left for just plain teabags and the holder on the far right in the back for flavored tea. I have my paper picked out, on the mats and ready to cut.

I watched the tutorial video yesterday and these should be a piece of cake to make.  Very simple assembly.

But I really need to take pictures of those cards. The pictures I spent over an hour looking for yesterday. Which means I have to clean off the top of the table....



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