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      Tuesday, August 29, 2017

05:51 PM - 08/29/2017

The topic: My left eye was weird this morning


And I'm pretty sure it was alerting me to the fact that I may have a migraine coming on.

I shut down the laptop and just laid on the sofa. It's a hot hot hot week here, temps over 100° for the rest of the week. The house was shut up early and the A/C was turned on. It didn't actually start to run until 2:15. Having the house closed early helps.

I took a quarter of a Xanax and rested. Brian suggested I take a couple of Excedrin extra strength, which I did. The headache only hurts when I cough and it runs from the right side of my head up to the top. Not fun.

I sure wish this summer was over. And last week was so nice.....


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06:52 AM - 08/29/2017

The topic: And another sick cat


This time it's Potter. I knew he was feeling under the weather and he's been getting attention.

Potter is our little tripod kitty. Yesterday, his back end was all wet. There was nothing wet under him, just his fur on his leg and tummy. I think he peed himself.

I cleaned him off.  Later I took him outside and put him on the grass. He moved to a different location and peed for a fairly long time. Then he came back in the house. He was wet again this morning.

He's eating, he comes running in the kitchen when he hears the chicken bag. But he doesn't eat much. I haven't seen him poop. Not that I ever did. But, it's a concern.

I'm thinking he may have been hit with the same thing the other cats have gotten. Sagwa was so bad he had a hard time walking. He couldn't jump or walk straight (he's all better, by the way).  But if this is what's got Potter, and it's hard for him to walk, I can see him being a little incontinent. I'll keep an eye on him for a couple of more days and if he doesn't show signs of improvement, it will be off to the vet for us.

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06:45 AM - 08/29/2017

The topic: I don’t know if you see this ad campaign


In you area. It's a series of commercials that end with a banner and a little song "Funner California".  In a couple of them, David Hasselhoff is featured.

We found them to be incredibly stupid. Not a little stupid, but incredibly stupid. The entire campaign. There are four or five different commercials and each one is just dumb. Non-sensical and we've talked them over, trying to figure out HOW these ads would make California look like a place you'd want to visit. Why on earth would a state tourist bureau put out something so inane?

They are so bad, that last week I actually looked them up on Facebook and posted a complaint. Then I read some of the other complaints.

It's not an official California campaign. It's by Harrah's. A casino and vacation destination. I deleted my complaint.

And it's still one of the worst ads we've ever seen.

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