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      Wednesday, August 09, 2017

09:34 AM - 08/09/2017

The topic: I’m pretty excited right now


We got the second Kobalt storage for my crafting last month and Brian is going to put it together this weekend! It will open up my work area so much!

It's going to replace some of those sterlite rolling drawer things that I've been using. There's not a lot in them. Probably four feet wide and three feet tall worth of storage space will be replaced by four feet wide and six feet tall of storage space. Plus I can put other things on the top (to help prevent cats jumping up there for access to the rafters; don't like the cats in the rafters, too much high wire acts, walking on those boards that are only an inch or two wide, long drop to the cement floor).

And once that's up and I get stuff moved in to it I'll empty the other one so Brian can reinforce the shelves. They aren't rated to carry as much weight as I have on them right now, that paper is heavy.  And one of them is bent, my fault, I was on the floor looking for something on the bottom and used the shelf to pull myself up. Definitely not rated to be used as a grab bar. I have those paper organizers in the middle, I think eight high and the paper keeps sliding out of them now. No fun.

So, I'm excited. It will be a busy weekend for me. And Brian. It's going to be work for him as well. He's doing it because he needs the room in his shop. He found some shelves at Costco with a pretty heavy duty rating for weight and he wants to get them before they no longer have them. (You know Costco.) And he needs my storage container out of there.

The new storage will have all of my adhesives (it will be easier to see when I'm running out of glue), my gel pens (nice dark, cool place), my Stickles, my colored glitter glues, my markers, my colored pencils, my embossing stuff, my container of blades, scissors, etc.  Things that now are on the metal shelves with a towel in front of them to keep the sun off.

And my other stuff, the embellishments, the faux candles, the other things I have to make my projects. I think this might open up two of my tables, giving me a lot more room to work. We'll see. Oh, yes, we'll see!

It's nice to have something to look forward to. Happy camper here. Very happy.


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09:18 AM - 08/09/2017

The topic: Uncle!


Do you ever start watching a television series from the beginning? And watch faithfully each week? Watch the show grow and expand?

And then one day, you realize you don't really like it anymore? That it's a chore to watch? It's work?

Yeah, me, too. And this time, it's Ray Donovan.

I liked it the first couple of years. It's one of those shows that I record. Well, I recorded this year's season opener on Sunday and watched it yesterday.

When it was over I thought "what the hell was that?" It's gotten to the point I don't like any of the characters. None. Some of them I just can't stand. Thinking over and over again "why haven't they killed you off yet?"  And the constant angst of every single person in the show.

I'm done. I erased the show and took it off of the scheduled recording list. I felt a little guilty, after all, I've put in a lot of time watching each episode. But I'll get over it.

I watch television to be entertained, not annoyed.

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