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      Tuesday, June 27, 2017

01:23 PM - 06/27/2017

The topic: I have hobbies


Like my crafting. And computer stuff. And photography.

I've been thinking about getting back into my beading and incorporating it into my paper crafting. And selling it. Cool, custom boxes, or cards made to hold jewelry. Always thinking.

I llke making little movies. Back when we had the Disney meets (last one was 2013), I'd get photos from everyone and make movies of the meet. The last few years, the amount of group shots kind of died down because everyone was off on their own and I was getting fewer and fewer photos from everyone and I kind of lost the joy of putting the video together. I still haven't done the last one. Just don't seem to have the heart to do it.

But I think about it.

My go to video program is Corel VideoStudio. And something it does is 3D. Not the kind of 3D you see at the theater, but the kind where you put on the funky glasses that have red cellophane for one lens, blue on the other. I'd planned on trying my hand at a little funky 3D movie with my Corel software, using video from a Disney meet. I even bought a bunch of those 3D glasses to send along with the finished DVD. They're branded, I don't remember with what. They were obviously left over from some promotion, but I don't care.

So, I'm thinking about making my funky little 3D video. I Google 3D movies and found a little youtube video. I went into the garage to find my funky little red and blue glasses and my paper crafting stuff is in front of it. I could open one side of the storage area and I looked inside. I've got sweatshirts stuffed inside and what looks to be one of those foot massager things that you put water in. Another "what the hell?" moment.. Yeah....it's hot out there, I'm not gonna start moving things around to get to my funky little 3D glasses.  Not today.

I bet I could make a really cool 3D video. I have lots of little cat videos.

But I'm back in the house, making a journal entry about how I have all of these great ideas. All I need is some energy and less heat.



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08:24 AM - 06/27/2017

The topic: Conversations around the house


I hear Brian's phone ring.

He walks into the room a few minutes later, saying he has to go to the machinist. He likes the machinist and the machinist has helped him out and done things that make Brian's link production easier and less time consuming.

Unfortunately, the machinist has cancer and was recently given notice that the landlord is raising his rent to an unacceptably high amount. Since this is the machinist's retirement job, something to do, he already has a decent retirement coming in, he said he's closing shop. Leaving the business. He and his wife bought a big RV and will live on a relative's land here in San Diego county. Brian is bummed because he's got a decent business relationship with this guy.

Him: This will probably be my last time going to his shop. I'm bummed.

Me: Maybe you should bring him something. Maybe a hot dog.

(WTF?? A hot dog? Did I just say "bring him a hot dog"? Where the hell did that come from? Why did I say hot dog? My God, I'm losing my mind! I'm going senile!)

Him: ~laughter~ A hot dog? I'm gonna tell him my wife said I should bring him a hot dog. Maybe I should grab a bun.

Me: Just shoot me now.


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