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      Saturday, June 24, 2017

07:19 PM - 06/24/2017

The topic: What a day


I woke up before five this morning and took out the earplugs. Marty Mockingbird was still yammering on. I didn't feel really tired any longer, but I lay there, petting cats and trying to get back to sleep. It was getting lighter and I just figured the heck with it and got up.

One of the first things I did was go outside and check the pepper seeds. Five varieties had sprouted! Yay!

I fed DaNiece (I have to sit with her while she eats because of vultures). Checked my email and facebook page, nothing going on. After DaNiece finished eating, I went back to the office and booted up the computer. I had purchased some svg files from Dreaming Tree , downloaded those as well as some free files that he has and proceeded to print them out.

While I was waiting for them to print out, I got a load of laundry going.

Once the files were all printed, I shut down the PC and started breakfast. After we'd eaten, I did the dishes, then went out to the garden and raked the area where the peppers would be. I pulled a bunch of weeds and pulled tomato branches up into the wire baskets. The cherry tomato plants are almost as tall as me!

Brian mowed and watered the lawn and when he was finished with that, the laundry was ready to be hung out. Instead of using a basket, I carried shirts out, about ten at a time and put them on the line. I brought them all out and started to hang them up. When I was part way finished, I noticed I'd dropped a shirt on the ground. I picked it up and wouldn't you know, I'd stepped on it. And there was cat poop under it. Nice. Real nice. Just great.

Got everything hung up, hosed the nasty shirt, but it back in the laundry room to dry and go back into the basket.

It was pretty quiet for the rest of the day. An Amazon order got here, I got some egg storage thingies. They hold twenty-one eggs each. Three eggs wide, seven eggs deep. CostCo no longer sells the eighteen eggs, but five dozen. The container isn't really practical for the refrigerator, it's five eggs by six eggs, two deep. This morning when I made breakfast, when I took the carton out of the frig, I wasn't aware it was upside down. When I took the top part off, the eggs started rolling around and one hit the floor. Egg is so hard to clean up. It keeps sliding out of the paper towel and it's just gross. The cats had no interest in helping me clean it up.  But these new containers will make egg storage much better.

I made mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. That was it. Brian ate a lot.

I washed most of the dishes, and Brian started cleaning litter boxes. I went out into the garage and put away seven cases of cat food. I had sit down at one point because my legs and back were starting to hurt.

After I was finished with that and Brian had thrown away all of the cardboard, I kicked back on the sofa. I was hot and sweaty from the garage and decided I would go skinny dipping.

Man, that was so relaxing. The water was a little on the cool side when I got in, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I hung out by the wall and I think Sagwa was pretty worried about me. He kept talking to me and he would head butt me and rub my face. I have to say, being in the pool was the most relaxed I've been all day. I should do that more often.

Anyway, the day is almost done, I'm tired and about ready to call it a day. Watching alien shit on television (that's what we call it, all the UFOs and Area 51 and the ancients). It's not loud and screamy, which is pretty nice.

I'm going to go hang up the shirts (I brought them in before dinner and just put them on the bed). That should take about fifteen minutes or less. Then maybe give DaNiece her fluids and medications, feed the cats and just be done with this day.

My legs hurt. They are not used to working.

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