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      Friday, June 16, 2017

05:40 PM - 06/16/2017

The topic: The avocado trees


Here are a couple of pictures I've taken of the trees this year. The first two were taken in April, when the buds had been pollinated and the fruits were starting to grow. We knew that the majority of them would fall off, which they have.

The last three were taken two days ago. In less than two months, they've grown considerably. And you can see a lot fell off.

One of the nice things I found out doing research on the fruits ripening on the tree, is that they don't. They have to be taken from the tree to finish ripening. So, as long as they are on the tree, they'll be good! They should last us through next growing season. How cool is that?

Clicking on a picture will take you to a bigger photo in my family album; clicking on that picture will open a larger photo.

During the first three years, we only got about fifteen avocados between the two trees, this year is a bonanza. I did read that some avocado trees have a lot of fruit one year, then not so much the next year. I'll be kind of sad if both trees are loaded this year with nothing next year.

But we'll survive.



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mrs. crankypants
09:51 AM - 06/16/2017

The topic: Got the pepper seeds in the ground


I did that Tuesday. I planted three sweet varieties (Golden California, Big Red and Yolo Wonder) and four hot varieties (Anaheim, Cayenne, Jalapeno and Habanero - these are for Brian).

They've been watered every morning. I check to make sure they haven't been scratched over by cats. They haven't.  I figured with this heat and keeping them moist, they should pop up in no time.

I pull out the seed packets. Check the germination time. Fourteen to twenty-one days. What? Two to three weeks? 




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09:47 AM - 06/16/2017

The topic: It’s going to be a hot one


Supposed to be getting record heat. Mid-ninties. Oh, that's not as hot as it will get this summer, but for right now, it's supposed to be a high for this day in history.

So, what to do? Craft. What to craft? I have absolutely no idea.

I updated the firmware in the Cameo 3s this morning. All three machines are in place, ready to be run. But what do I want to make?

Gah. This is the hard part of crafting. Getting started.

I'd like to make a lantern to try out the new realistic flameless candles I got a few months back. But I have so many to choose from. I could make some cards, just to have them on hand. Oh, and I need to make things to sell in the store, now that it's up and running.

I think a nap is in order.


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