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      Monday, October 17, 2016

10:29 AM - 10/17/2016

The topic: I’m alive, all is well!


Having a real problem focusing lately. Yanno...like a three year old. It makes me feel so YOUNG!  But I don't get anything done. Oh, look, shiny......

So, here's kind of what's been going on. Get up, clean up cat poo, go walking, come home, read the advice columnists over on Arcamax, make breakfast, then the day is shot to hell.

DaNiece is crying, I need to sit down with her and hold her and cuddle her. She falls asleep in my arms. I can't move. I fall asleep. I wake up, she's gone back to bed. Great, maybe I can get up and do something. Turn on CNN. More caca about Trump, the kind of caca. (I seriously do not like this man. Never have, so there's that. It's not a new feeling, it didn't just start since he threw his hat into the ring, even his ads for The Apprentice used to annoy me to no end. I think he's a jerk. I think he's always been a jerk. I could go on.)

It got hot. Then it cooled off for a couple of days. I tried to do stuff. I overdid trying to do stuff. I said "tomorrow" I'll do more stuff. "Tomorrow" was hot!  I am so over this summer!!!! The heat melts my brain!!

We got a notice in the mail, our insurance company is doing its yearly audit. I need to do paperwork. Haven't done paperwork since the last time I did paperwork. Business has been incredibly slow, we're scrambling for money. This is bad because we have a house payment to make. It's good because it will lessen our tax burden and our health insurance payment. But there's that house payment thingy....we already hit the overdraft, there's not enough there to cover tomorrow's payment.

Finances will get better when the company who administered Brian's dad's trust fund that Brian's mom set up releases the funds. All hoops have been jumped through, but they're having a hard time doing what they're supposed to do. You know, empty that account and send a check. It should have been done by now. So, we wait.

I've found some new stuff to do for crafting. Like making my own alcohol inks and shimmer sprays. Not really thrilled with the outcome, wanted to try some more, but, then it got hot.

Then it cooled off and I liked it so much, I slept through it. Then it got hot again. Just not a fan of the heat.

Yesterday, we went to Anaheim, to the Disney Resort. Our annual passes run out on Wednesday. We would have let them lapse last year, but a couple of our friends mentioned coming down in December to see the holiday decorations at the parks (they didn't) and another family planned on coming out in the spring time. They did, but we had Miss Elizabeth to deal with and Brian was really concerned that she'd fall off of the steps in the bedroom, or get herself someplace outside and have a stroke. He just didn't feel comfortable leaving her. So, we didn't go to Disneyland then.

Monthly payments of $65, well, we had to get at least one trip in and we did. Yesterday. We are not renewing our passes. Not to say we won't ever go again, but the circumstances will be different.

Anyway, I need to get something done. Breakfast dishes, make the bed, work on paperwork (yep, it's still in a pile, waiting, although it is sorted and shouldn't really take that long, like I said, business has been pretty slow).

I really need to focus....

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