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      Monday, October 03, 2016

07:52 AM - 10/03/2016
The current weather is cool, crisp, Autumny

The topic: It will be interesting to see how this day goes


Yesterday, I was supposed to get a delivery from Amazon. Never showed. The mail truck did. The mail man did. I know. I talked to him as he searched the truck for my package. It wasn't there. It was on his manifest, but it wasn't on the truck. "It must be in the other truck."  So, hopefully it will still get delivered.

It didn't. We kept the front door open until 8:30 last night (also waiting for Tommy to show up - he didn't). When I went to bed I checked. Nope. Somebody starting their car after four this morning woke me up. I got up, looked out into the entry way. No package. Got dressed and went outside, checked the mailbox. No package.

Came inside, turned on the Kindle, went over to Amazon. Shows there was a problem delivering it. They left a notice. Uh, no. Not at my house, they didn't. I do the contact thing.

Then I check my email. Oh, look. A message from USPS. Fill out the redelivery form. I did. I added that it was a lie, I was here all day. There was no notice. (Everything I was reading led me to believe they weren't taking responsibility for it not being delivered, just that there was a problem delivering it. Yeah, it wasn't put on the truck to begin with which is out of my control...) Meh. I go back to bed.

Get up this morning, yay, it will be delivered tomorrow! (I should be playing with it today.) And Amazon was sorry, to make it up to me, they are extending my Prime Membership by a month. Okay, that's sounds good. I can handle that. I'd like my widget, but a free month of Prime is a good thing.

When I went back to bed at 4:30, I started thinking about things I need to do. Like make our yearly physical appointments. Last year mine was at the end of October. So, I'll try for end of this month or November. Brian's can be any time since he went in September last year. I'm surprised they didn't send a reminder for him.

But, due to the problems the Lexapro caused me, I've put on a little (rolleyes) weight. And it took a while to get my legs back, because they were so damned sore and achy. Then there was the heat. I messed up my bunion foot a couple of times and it was extremely painful to put any weight on it at all. Then Brian had some back problems. We didn't walk much this summer.  When we walked, we did short walks. That won't be enough. We need to do the long walk, up the hill. The walk that's a couple of miles. The hill, where the view from the top is absolutely beautiful. Where I've taken many wonderful photos of the landscape. Of all the walks we've done, this one is by far our favorite.

I told Brian this morning that I wanted to try it this morning. So, I can get my metabolism moving a little better. So, I can get my blood sugar down. So, my pants will be a little looser (amazingly, I can still fit in them...surprised the hell out of me). And I'll feel better. More perky (shut up, my BFFs....).

And we did it! And it was good!

And when we got home, Tommy was walking up our driveway. We hadn't seen him since Saturday night.

So, let's keep this positive day going.

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