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      Tuesday, August 23, 2016

05:35 PM - 08/23/2016

The topic: Well, at this point


I have twenty-two months to go. Today (so far - the day isn't over) I did fourteen months. I did all of 2008. It was rough, that's the year my mom died.

I didn't read the entries completely, but did skim over them. I was a lot more forgiving back then, it seems, because now thinking about her brings to mind how much more she cared about beer than me. I cried a little. It wasn't fun, it was hard to do, but 2008 on up is fixed. I've got two months of 2006 done. What's left is March 2006 through December 2007.

Tonight, I will take a Benedryl before bed so maybe I can sleep. The mosquitoes are not my friends. My blood keeps them living, but I wish I could take something that when the mosquitoes started sucking my life's blood from me, would be poisoned and die. Last night, at one thirty in the morning, I was online over at Amazon looking for something to repel them.

I need sleep.

And I want this weblog fixed.

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12:44 PM - 08/23/2016

The topic: We have annual passports to Disneyland


We renewed last October. Disney is deducting just under $65.00 a month from our checking account.

We've been a total of times since then just zero. Nada. Haven't gone up. At all. Miss Elizabeth was a big factor in not going.

I asked Brian yesterday if we were going to go again. He said we'd try to get up there at least once. For my birthday.

And then, we're finished with APs. Done. No mas.

And that's okay.

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08:32 AM - 08/23/2016

The topic: Fixing formatting is boring


It's more boring than paperwork. And it's time consuming.

I'm down to three years' worth now. The next year is 2008, the year my mom went into the facility and died six weeks later. I'm not looking forward to it at all.

I'm thinking I'll try to get at least six months a day done, stopping if I don't feel like doing more. 

Right now I don't feel like doing more, but I've put it off long enough. I need to finish this.


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