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      Thursday, August 18, 2016

07:15 PM - 08/18/2016

The topic: Hey!  Check it out!


<------------------ the graphic...it fits.  (This is for my facebook peeps.) Success is mine.

Oh, and earlier this very hot week, I realized that the catcam computer had been frozen for almost ten days. It's been so hot I was checking the weather station. And it hadn't updated since the 6th.  So....I guess losing the cam page will be no big thing. I'll probably leave the backyard cam up since I won't be shutting down the weather station.

I did turn off the light on the catcam earlier this week, the lamp that was on 24/7.  It's strange. The hallway is dark at night now.

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09:40 AM - 08/18/2016

The topic: It’s been a while since I really wanted something


And I really want the new Silhouette Cameo 3. I skipped the 2 because it wasn't new and fabulous enough, but the 3 has dual blade holders and blue tooth and an LED screen and an autoblade (that automatically adjusts to the paper) and storage. And that's plenty reason for me to want to upgrade.

I ordered a bundle on Amazon, the bundle has extra blades and mats. There were more bundles, but I don't need the sketch pens (just got some a few weeks ago), absolutely do not need vinyl (I have a huge storage container in the garage full of different flavors of vinyl), not interested in the silk screening (I print transfers and have a heat press). This was the only bundle that had items I didn't already have as well as items I do buy. I put my order in only to realilze that it wasn't shipping until the end of the month. And then I had an epiphany.  Amazon promo codes!

I checked my MyPoints balance, I'm -->this close<--- to a $25 card. Then I remembered our BankAmericard has rewards, maybe one of them is Amazon. And it was! Enough points there for a $50 Amazon card. I ordered that and took a survey over on MyPoints that put my balance over the needed amount. What, wait? I have to wait a week for them to show? Well, crap.

I went over to Amazon to cancel the order. I can't. It's processing. How can it process when it's not even available for shipping? I contact the seller and the order was cancelled. Now there's not so much pressure about payment. Saving seventy-five bucks is nothing to laugh at.

What's really cool is a few years back I went ahead and purchased the business edition of the Silhouette software. I still have my first machine, the one that did 8.5" wide paper and with the business edition, more than one Silhouette machine can be used at a time. I never made much use of it, but I sure will with two Cameos. It should cut my time down immensely.

I'm so stoked!

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09:08 AM - 08/18/2016

The topic: Bad night’s sleep


Why? Because I kept thinking of how to fix the stupid graphic that posts next to the link to this weblog on facebook!

Well, I knew how to fix it and it meant I had to turn on the other computer to access the bigger lisaviolet flowers graphic I made years ago. But I just laid there thinking about it.

My new rotary blade cutter showed up yesterday and that was another thought locomotive running through my head. Now I can start designing the wall photos, since I can trim my 13" x 19" paper down to 12" x 19" so it will fit on the Silhouette mat. Then I started thinking about how to color/print the frame.

Since it's been so hot, I sleep on the sofa because the ceiling fan isn't as noisy as the one in the bedroom when it's on high and the breeze through the window is better. The downside is Bernadette is not that far from me and when she walks on the wood, it makes a noise.

I tried counting, I even took a melatonin, but sleep didn't show up until after two. And I woke up often, having to pee.

I'm beat this morning. I made breakfast and now I need to take a shower because I really stink. Seriously, I smell so bad I can smell me. My mom used to refer to this scent as "coyote bait".

So, the graphic has been redone, it should look nice on the facebook links. Having the photo of me at the bottom keep showing up annoyed the hell out of me.

Let's get this day started! (After a short nap.)

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