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      Thursday, August 11, 2016

03:20 PM - 08/11/2016

The topic: Frames


Yesterday I tried to make one of those shadow box  frames bigger. Like 19" x 13", the size of my photo paper. Here we hit "dur* again because my Silhouette only cuts 12" wide. blah

But, darn it, where there's a will, there's a way and I'm just too stubborn to give up (like all those years of making Disney videos of our meets, every year researching how to get them HD on my computer, which, no matter how many times I tried, just didn't have the capability). What I'm planning on doing is trimming down an inch off of a 13" x 19" paper and make it 12" x 19".

Then I'll make the top piece that goes over the box part from two pieces. Hopefully, the splits won't be noticible unless you're looking at it very, very carefully. I'm hoping my photo that it contains is so frikking awesome that one is blown away and doesn't pay attention to how many pieces are on the top part of the frame.


I went through about six tries at cutting the frame pieces. Each time, after cutting, I had an epiphany. This ain't gonna work. First it was the angle of the edges. They were stretched out, too, so they were no longer in proportion and the angles were all wrong. Needed 45° angles. And I fixed that. After cutting a couple of those, I measured. Damn it. The new edges I put on the longer frame piece, the edges with the correct angles, were added onto the tips, not taking into account that they didn't need to be.

So, like I said, I finally got it mid-evening. I can get one long and two short on a piece of 12" x 18' cardstock when I put the pattern at an angle.


I would have worked on this today, but I've been doing other stuff.

Like hanging up laundry on my new solar clothes drier (yeah, a clothes line; I got a clothes line and it works).

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02:37 PM - 08/11/2016

The topic: The vet’s office called this morning.


Old, emaciated cat. Gray, tabby female. Tested, negative on all counts, complete blood count, all good. About thirteen years old. The person who found her was going to take her, but changed her mind. So, it was off to Animal Control.

Office manager says "don't call AC, call Dianne, maybe they'll take her".

Sucker light flashes brightly. Getting her tomorrow (too much going on today with the noise from the handymen).

Still working on Tommy. If I knew he was FeLV negative, he'd be in by now. Brat won't go into the carrier or trap. But he will stand at the front door waiting to be let in. He lets me pick him up, but went wild when I tried to put him in a carrier and we didn't see him for three days.

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02:15 PM - 08/11/2016

The topic: Israel is here today.


Israel is the guy who was in charge of trimming the trees last year. He also did a lot of work around the pool.

Well, I'm not all hot on pulling weeds, neither is Brian and the pool area was overgrown again. Brian called Israel earlier this summer, but he never called back. Yeah, he actually did, a couple of weeks ago. And the pool area is clean again as well as the grass that was growing over the pine needles and chips from last year in the front yard  was all pulled last week. (Nothing was hauled away after the trimming, we just used it all as ground cover.)

Brian had another project for him, to replace the broken PVC pipe next to the house, the pipe that's supposed to drain the water from the driveway in the front yard. They started early this morning and it turns out all seventy feet of the pipe is full of tree roots and it all has to be replaced. ~le sigh~

This pipe is why I had no garden this year, this was where the garden was suppose to be.

Next year! Next year tomatoes and peppers and lavendar and catnip. 

Bring on the rain! This year it had better not back up into the garage like last season.

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