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      Tuesday, May 31, 2016

06:52 AM - 05/31/2016

The topic: Still plodding along


Over the past few weeks, I made an incredibly beautiful hot air balloon out of paper, took a ton of photos, will be sharing that. My mother in law picked out a couple of box cards to make for the birthdays of her great-grandchildren (thank you, Brian, for offering my services before I knew anything about it - I really kinda thought we'd talked about that in the past). I got the paper picked out and cut, close to finished with the girl's card (it's the same castle box card I made last year, so it was an easy assemble) and one of the cards from the Summer Box kit. I didn't take photos of the castle assembly, but I will take photos of the one I put together today.

Our router started dropping and rebooting itself last week. This is not a good thing. I didn't realize it was going bad and waited an hour for our internet to come back up before calling our provider. I'd rebooted the modem, but not the router. Tech advised me to reboot the router (unplugging it) and see what happened. Yeah, the router is going bad, so I ordered a new one and got that all set up last week. And now I can listen to all of my music out in the other room on the Roku.

The Lexapro that I've loved so much, well, that relationship is over. I've had some really chronic bad pain in the front of my thighs for a couple of months now. I had to call in refills for my Lex and BP meds. Well, the Lexapro needed to be authorized by my doctor's office and there's a little foot dragging going on there and it didn't get refilled. Should have taken 48 hours, I called it in on Tuesday knowing my last pill was Wednesday night (I started taking it at night in hopes that the pain would lessen). Called the pharmacy on Thursday, no response from the doctor's office. Went in to pick up the meds on Saturday morning, no Lexapro. Which is just as well.

Because, only after missing one day, my legs were much better. And every day, they're just a little bit more better. And I no longer had the diarrhea every morning. So....

I'm waiting for the withdrawal shoe to drop, got a crap night's sleep last night. Was it no drugs or was it the coffee drink? Time will tell. All I know is that pain was unbearable. I'd made an appointment with the doc for the ninth. We'll see if I keep it.

Anyway, off for our morning walk. TTYL.

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