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      Friday, May 20, 2016

07:38 AM - 05/20/2016

The topic: Hey, hey, hey!


Alive and well in beautiful, sunny, Lakeside, California!

A short update. Took Marco to the vet a few days ago, I know he really needs a teeth cleaning, he's been looking rough and losing weight. The vet took blood, all values with the exception of globulin were good. Globulin was high and the vet said, taking into consideration Marco's loose stool and tenderness in his abdomen, he might have dry FIP. (I don't think so.) But Marco is on meds for two weeks to see if he perks up. (I think he'd perk up a whole lot more if his teeth were clean, but we'll wait until after he's done with the meds).

I've been wanting to make another hot air balloon card, testing my abilities for modification of the files. In this case, making it bigger. I'd like to see how it looks with a battery operated tea light in the basket. I have the paper picked out, files all modified to make them bigger and have some stuff on order to fancy up the finished design. I know who I'll be sending it to, I've had this in my head for a couple of years now. I'm finally taking action. Should I take some more incredibly boring video? 14110119

And Brian offered up my services to his mom to make cards for her to send to her twin great-grandchildren. (I asked him "did you bring this up to your mother before you brought it up to me?" He gave me that deer (dear? lol) in the headlights look because he knows I find that incredibly annoying.) Anyway, she picked out a couple of box cards from my book (he said she seemed surprised I had files for this - geez, how many times have I proclaimed the greatness of svgcuts.com? I guess the best analogy might be to say "making the cards is like making a garment with a pattern".  I dunno, I've never taken credit for the designs..) I have some new paper that should be here shortly, Joann.com had a pretty good sale so I took advantage. And something that I didn't think would happen this soon, I'm running out of room in my storage cabinet. Guess I need to get busy making stuff.


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